Is 2019 going to be a let down for anyone on Xbox or PlayStation?

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Posted by DonaId (96 posts) 2 months, 1 day ago

Poll: Is 2019 going to be a let down for anyone on Xbox or PlayStation? (36 votes)

Yes 31%
No 69%

Last year we got Gems like God of War, Smash Ultimate , Forza Horizon 4, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter World and RDR2.

This year we got DMCV and RE2 anthem turned out to be trash.

Halo and Gears will probably be saved for 2020 with the launch of the new Xbox.

Days Gone looks worse than the Order 1886 (how can these amazing sony handheld devs crank out shit)

I am only mentioning Sony games (which many critique as interactive movies because you are only as good as you competition.

I doubt last of us 2 lives up to the original or even comes out this year.

Basically why is 2019 trash outside of maybe Pokemon being released. Two remakes (well RE2 is a reimagining but Links Awakening is a remake).

Astral Chain looks decent but wow at the lack of releases.

Basically Sony is struggling to produce a quality exclusive that can match Spider-Man or God of War and Microsoft is saving their big guns for Xbox 4.

I have a feeling next gen will be sony’s last console too as I feel the Xbox will be more consumer friendly and better featured/priced at the start of the gen. Rather than having to wait mid gen for Xbox to truly shine with the x.

I mean I am looking forward most to wow classic Warcraft 3 reforged and Digimon Survive (I hope it is x enhanced but I’m not holding my breath).

Basically both companies are saving their big guns for 2020 with only Nintendo kind of trying.

What a garbage year to game on ps4 or Xbox one

PC can play DMC5 and RE2.

Not trolling or anything because I support Xbox and feel that Xbox’s exclusives will land better than Sony’s upcoming ones. The only reason Days Gone is coming out is because it is hot garbage and rather than cut their losses they will have the fan base buy it.

I at least respect Nintendo and Square Enix for canning FFVII and MP3 and starting over.

FFVII remake is going to be hot garbage compared to the original though... Sony picking really bad times exclusives and new ips that cause conflict with other companies.

Do you think Warner Brothers likes Spider-Man competing with the Arkham games.

Do you think Capcom likes Last of Us or Days Gone?


At least Microsoft games are unique sci-fi shooters/sandbox racer/racing sim and they do what they do top notch so who cares.

Resident Evil 2 > Last of Us

Dead Rising > Days Gone

As much as I loved God of War DMCV > God Of War

Spider-Man was better than the Arkham games though imo so I am not a total Sony hater(well the Arkham games had better boss fights but that is about the only thing it did better than spider man)

Sony is pissing off a lot of publishers and Phil is doing a great job.

TL:DR booooooo for upcoming 2019 but hurrah for the upcoming 2020.

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Those years clearly didn't add XP to the troll bar.

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How am I trolling... the whole purpose of system wars is a troll so you can’t troll system wars.

Trolling is a non existent concept.

It’s a system war. I am just saying Nintendo and pc are having a decent year and 2019 will blow over all especially for ps4 and xbox

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I mostly play PS and that's where I rented RE2 and DMC5.

I do think TLoU2 is gonna be rated less than the first game and I sometimes think the reverse sex = young boy and older female might feel forced. forced New characters since ellie won't have that sapling charm anymore.

Not sure when Tsushi is releasing. Might be a wild card.

Yeah I have a feeling Xbox will be better than Sony featurewise and maybe even lineup wise depending on how the projects would be going from their new dev teams. MS just has to sell trailers as I think it's too short for a lot of those devs releasing new AAA MS/PC exclusives when next xbox releases.

If MS keeps up that pincer price point attack of having the weakest/cheapest and strongesst/most expensive, that'd be great for them. They should just stop that no used games/always on/tvtvtv fiasco and be more aggressive with Play Anywhere.

IMO Sony titles are mostly pretty appetizers which works for them. When you're done, you play 3rd party games with more meat. They're kinda barebones in gameplay but easy to market since they're "cinematic" and one of the better looking console titles.

IDK about MS. Gears seem to be the most base shooter at least mechanically. Alien shooter just looks so early 2000 and looks like the least evolved franchise this gen. Glad they're slowly changing the aesthetics of that game. Was so ugly. At least it's still a much better packed game than uncharted.

I do hope halo infinity would be nice. Had fun with halo mcc.

Can't wait for 2020 though.

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The Last of Us 2 is coming out in 2019 and it's going to be the best game you've played this gen.

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xbox yes, ps4 hmm nope

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@XVision84 said:

The Last of Us 2 is coming out in 2019 and it's going to be the best movie game you've watched this gen.

I agree except for that its probably not coming to theatres...oops I mean PS4/YouTube this year.

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@i_p_daily: Lol.

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@i_p_daily: Lol, well if it isn't my man i_cry_daily :P

Laugh it up now but you'll wish you had a PS4 once the 10s start rolling in

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@rzxv04: "They should just stop that no used games/always on/tvtvtv fiasco "

Wait. Are you serious here?

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Knows gamers got RE2 and DMC5 but still asks if the year could possibly be a let down.

Xbox has Ori coming so thats a good year especially if Battletoads ends up being good.

Maybe PS4 gamers might say yeah if Dreams is only big game after Days Gone. But if TLoU 2 comes or Death Stranding then 2019 gonna be epic for them.

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Who's drunk ass alt is this?

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KH3, RE2R, DMCV, Metro Exodus, Ace Combat 7, The Division 2, Sekiro, Mortal Kombat 11, Rage 2, Ace Attorney Trilogy, Crash Team Racing, Days Gone, TLOU 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Gears 5, Ori 2, Shenmue 3

Looks like this year is packed with great games to me that cover a wide range of genres and that's not even listing the ridiculously stacked Switch lineup.

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@XVision84 said:

@i_p_daily: Lol, well if it isn't my man i_cry_daily :P

Laugh it up now but you'll wish you had a PS4 once the 10s start rolling in

So i'm crying but laughing, geez dude you seem rattled, and when rotten tomatoes gives that movie a 10/10 I won't care i'll be like

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Don't know & don't care! I game on PC so I win all the time :)

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It'll be ok. It's just that PC and Switch will have a better year, again.

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This year will suck for Microsoft and Nintendo. No games.

Sony will have another awesome year.

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Definitely not for XBOX. Anything at all for XBOX owners would be good news, it can't really get any worse. As for PS4, I can't think of any reason Sony wouldn't keep giving PS4 fans the games they seem to like and if the PS2 and PS3 are anything to go by, then Sony will support the PS4 right to the end. Nintendo keep producing the games they do well and I would imagine that is why Nintendo fans buy those consoles, so there's nothing to be disappointed with there. PC gives you everything and then some, iv never been disappointed in the PC as a gaming platform in all my years of gaming. if it weren't for BOTW then the PC would be the only platform still keeping my old ass gaming.

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Xbox has gears 5 and possibly halo infinite ps has days gone TLOU 2 and ghosts. I think it's looking pretty good for both.

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Year after year it's always the same.,.. Xbox Won.

This year however ya gotta be very concerned about Phony and the Bore, not even showing up at E3 speaks volumes.

Phony seems really doomed this time. :(

Oh well, we all knew it was coming for a long time now. Welcome Google and Amazon... baby!!! lol :P

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@i_p_daily: 😂🤣🤣 = i_p_daily

😭😭 = i_cry_daily

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Xbox and PlayStation have very little to offer especially Xbox. Most games are multi-platform and exclusives are dying

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@BenjaminBanklin said:

Who's drunk ass alt is this?

That's exactly what I was thinking. Only 34 posts since 2012. Must be a sleeper alt. Every Xbox1 exclusive, aside from Cuphead and FH4, has been hot trash this gen. Even if Days Gone scores 7's that's still better than SoT, SoD2, and all the other rubbish they put out. Ghosts of Tsushima, Days Gone, and The Last of Us 2 will effectively close the Xbox1's casket lol

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Xbox as usual has garbage. Only thing you can count on is a new coloured controller lol.

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2019 will probably not be up to 2018 (few years were), but it has been great so far. My only disappointment is lack of free time to play the ridiculous amount of quality games we have been getting.

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With Shenmue 3 coming this year.. I can't ask for more!

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I have an Xbox One and think this year is going to be great for me. I think Gears of War 5 will come out this year and I’m really hyped for that game. There’s a lot of third party multiplatform games that I’m looking forward to as well and since the Xbox One is where I prefer to play all that stuff on then it’ll clearly get a lot of use this year.

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I vote Yes for Xbox and No for PlayStation so they cancel each other out

Oh and Yes for Switch because they pushed back Metroid and Nintendo keeps showing me games I already have on Wii U

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I think this year will end up being a lot better than 2019. RDR2 was pretty disappointing to me. DMC5 and Sekiro are going to have 2019 off to a really strong start, and I'm also pretty pumped about the new Fire Emblem game coming out on the Switch.

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yea, can't for Mortal Kombat 11. Spawn, IT, Terminator and other fav mortal Kombat characters dlc probably will continue through into 2020

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I have so many games to play and so little time to play them that this doesn't bother me a bit.

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@sealionact said:

@rzxv04: "They should just stop that no used games/always on/tvtvtv fiasco "

Wait. Are you serious here?

Yes. They should not mutter/imply that on their next gen reveal. They'll have a stronger presentation for nextbox without a hint of those things resurfacing.

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I don't bother looking ahead too much anymore, stuff worth playing releases faster than I can get at it, and if there is a lull I use the time to play catch up with older stuff, and there's a lot there. No, don't think this will be a disappointing year at all.

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I think you’re wrong TC.

But you’re just being a dick. So it’s understandable.

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@XVision84 said:

@i_p_daily: 😂🤣🤣 = i_p_daily

😭😭 = i_cry_daily

Yes I cry when I laugh too much, but its what happens when I stir you cows :)

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@valgaav_219: But you can watch all Sony's games on YouTube, so will YouTube close PS4's coffin lol.

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It probably will be a let down for me, indeed. While I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 3, RE2 and probably will buy DMCV on sunday, there are still not many games from 2019 that I'm looking forward to. Judgement as of right now is cancelled, I won't buy Sekiro and Nioh 2 despite that the look great games (They are gonna kill me on the first level), I don't care for The Last of Us 2, and I already played the original ps3 version of Tales of Vesperia years ago.

So for me, yes, 2019 is not looking great (despite that KH3 was amazing), for others? This is great year.

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It's March and I already played RE2, Metro, DMC5 and Sekiro it's on its way. 2019 will be fine.

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I think it's the non big name franchises that will help carry Xbox and PS through 2019... just the stuff you find on the shelf and go cool that seems fine and you play it and maybe no one else does and you find

out it's all satisfying and then way later you learn that that wasn't a mistake really those were real developers that put a lot of thought into it and eventually you get a sequel...

Then 10 years later people go wow what about that game yeah played a lof lot of those over the years I'd say.