Indie / arcade games on consoles - too pricey, do you agree?

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Limbo on sale for 3 bucks on Xbox Live today prompted me to create this thread.

I think that certain games even if discounted for about 50% make you question your purchase in the first place.

They're usually fun for a while but then the novelty wears thin and then you slightly regret it especially when the game is for one go and there's no point in coming back.

My point is there should be a lot more games in $3, $5, $10 range, but a lot less costing $20 or more!

For example, I bought State of Decay for 10 bucks and I think it is a fair price (but still slightly niggling if you play it for a whle), but I would never buy it for its original 20 dollar price!

I think the competition and the rotation of indie / arcade games as well as sales would've been higher if the pricing was more reasonable. Like, a great deal. We, console gamers, don't get deals like Humble Bundle by the way so this is also a factor.

So what do you think about it overall?

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I agree. I bought so many full priced indie/arcade games across XBLA and other systems (hundreds on XBLA alone), but I learned my lesson and I will never, ever do pay full price ever again.

Another thing that sucks besides the obvious DRM (can't loan it to friends, trade it, sell it, etc) is these digital games retain a high price years later. In retail, games go down, inventory clogs the stores, they discount product. Digitally, you have to wait a long time for many games to go down, and usually it's just a sale.

My rules now are if the game is sold at retail, I always buy retail. I get discounts and sales on retail just as much as digital. I then can loan/sell/trade those games.

Secondly, if I do buy digital, it's is because it was digital ONLY or pennies on the dollar cheap. I also make sure I never pay full asking price on digital games ever again.

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You can say the same about a shit load of retail games. There are plenty of games I've played where I feel like it was better to not pay 60 bucks to play that. Not all games are created equal. Thus not all games really justify their price of admission since we only really have like a handful of pricetags. It is what it is.

As for sales and all that jazz, that's on Microsoft/Sony.

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But there's also games like Super Meat Boy which for $15 is a steal.

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All depends on the amount of content. I see many on there that seem to be worth the money, like Dust.

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Depends on the content and what you find pricey or worth the cash, there's been games i bought on discount that i wish i had bought at full price just to support the developers for giving out such a great product

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I consider them as hours of entertainment. For example if I buy a game at full price 60$ the game should at least give me 8 hours of entertainment for me to feel it was worth it.

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I don't mind the price of indie/arcade games, especially when referring to straight up digital titles for $15...
it's helluva lot better than having to buy arcade ports for $90-120.

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Why else do you think Apple is paying billions every year to game developers who sell games in the price range cited in your OP?

I think all games are too expensive, setting a high bar like 60USD starting is really high, IMO. I think the industry needs to find a way to cut the cost of admission, or else traditional console gaming is going to disappear.

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@cain006 said:

But there's also games like Super Meat Boy which for $15 is a steal.

Also Strider at $15 is a great deal.

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Well it depends. I think games with great multiplayer is worth my money. Single-Player games like 4-6hr is not worth 15 dollars(in my case 15 euros). Max 10 euros for 4-6hr single player game.

Im ready to pay 15 dollars for example Uno, Catan, Bomberman, Tetris or kinda games.