In your opinion, what game is closest to being perfect this gen?

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This thread is pretty much going to be another "what's your favorite game" thread, lol. I'll try to be objective though. I think Divinity Original Sin 2 is brilliant. There's never a moment in this game where you feel like the developers reused mechanics or bosses. Every situation is different. The amount of options you have at your disposal allows for a lot of freedom and creativity to play the game. I think the next game that comes after it is Bloodborne. A truly unique game even though it's considered a "Souls" game. There are other games that I think are very good but aren't perfect. God of War was amazing, but they reused the Trolls and Valkyries like crazy. Persona 5 had great gameplay, but was super long and repetitive. Horizon has a great premise, amazing graphics, and awesome dino-robot bottles, but man was the human enemies dumb as hell. Terrible AI. The fighting mechanics also left a to be desired. I think Nier Automata was great, but lots of reusing of enemies and levels. Zelda Breath of the Wild was great, but dungeons were lame. Witcher 3, for all the praise it gets, has terrible combat, and so much dialogue. So boring.

Well anyway, that's my 2 cents.