If we are all such expert gamers...

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Yup, it’s been years since I’ve played either of those. Reminds me of Starcraft or Command and Conquer when I think of Total Annihilation. Good ol days. Should try to get Total Annihilation on my gaming PC, does it need tweaking to work with newer PC systems?

Yeah..... micro-transactions are stupid. A lot of companies learned that the hard way. Just look what happened to the Dead Space series when they added micro-transactions, dead and gone.

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The GOG version certainly works fine. Even the disc version was unbelievably scalable. The game was ahead of its time.

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@madrocketeer said:

The only winners here are people who don't whine about stuff and are having fun.

Exactly that.

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@madrocketeer said:
@gaara93 said:


Really, that doesn’t bother me. Only reason I changed it was cause I thought you were a mod letting me know to shorten it. Since that’s not the case I changed it back 🙂. Doesn’t bother me that I write paragraphs I have a lot of memories when it comes to gaming!

Accepting of your fate? Good.

I confused you for a mod a couple of times too since AdobeArtist is the only other person on these forums to use Warframe for a profile pic. Also the way you write just seems very lawful neutral like that of a moderator.

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You didn't mention Vita, so Vita > all

@Archangel3371 said:

Because there is no perfect pasta sauce, only perfect pasta sauces.

Exactly, variety is the spice of life.

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There are hundreds of FPS games out there from 3rd parties. Sony doesn't need to make their own. A quality racing game is the only thing PS4 lacks. If they make GT7 instead of continuing with that Sport crap they would be golden.

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@xhawk27 said:

I don't know how people can say that Xbox doesn't have variety of games. Most of PS4 games this gen has been third person action/adventure Movie games.

lol yeah the xbox one has 7 Forza games in 6 years GTFO with any talks about variety.

The fact that you people still call sony games movie games is a testament to how bitter you are people.

Spiderman is basically a sand box game,and some how is a movie game,oh well yeah that is the only games BASED on a real movie yet is a sanbox.

Lets ignore all the gears and halos,and forza's MS has this gen,let pretend Gears and Quantum break are not like sony so call movie games but failed to score as high as sony games.

I prefer a movie game to what MS is getting and so do most people from what we can see.

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I'm just a gamer and that's all you need to know.

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@boxrekt said:
@Sevenizz said:

@boxrekt: Where did I show fanboyism? Where?!?

You did tho...

Wait, I just realized who replied. Have a mediocre day.

I simply pointed out a fact.

You're trying to criticize all Sony's titles as "movie games"? Suggesting having JRPGs is a negative?

You realize that those are only arguments rabid fanboys use to downplay the type games they don't have on their preferred system have right? Ala Xbox!?

It's not my fault you're a delusional xbox fanboy who can't separate your irrational bias from actual constructive criticism. You can't make a rational discussion about all systems because of your fanboy hangups.

So, you're saying Sony producing these games:

Is a negative? LMFAO GTFOH you salty clown!

You're the only one who made a poor choice and it shows in your bitter talking points used in this thread.

BTW: PS4 specializing in AAA single player narrative driven blockbuster level games (movie games to you) , that the entire industry praise, and JRPGs (on top of other high quality Japanese games) is the many reason people have chosen it overwhelmingly over your beloved xbox that you're also obviously not satisfied with, tsk tsk.

LMAO, this is a stealth Xbox one buyers remorse thread that you're trying to project on to users who DIDN'T choose xbox as their primary gaming outlet. Now you're desperately trying to tell other people they made the wrong choice when it's YOU who's not happy with your xbox.

So I started Spider-Man yesterday...

I don't think I'm getting a PlayStation 5.

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Glad I’m not the only one lol.

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@ezekiel43: For all these supposed ‘must own exclusives to choose the ps4’, there’s less than a handful of them in what - 7 years?

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@Sevenizz said:

...then why do we pick such horrible platforms to game on?


- lacks exclusives

- XBL required to play FTP games

- lacks niche Japanese titles

- barely reaches 1080p on older consoles


- lacks quality racing and FPS exclusives (2 of gaming’s biggest genres)

- online multiplayer exclusives

- specializes in movie games and jrpgs

- poor customer service


- lacks 3rd party support and when it is supported, the lowest quality port

- laughable paid online service

- you have to purchase separately a decent controller

- who cares about portability when battery life is poor?


- basement dwelling gaming

- upgrading, driver updates, generally obsolete the day of purchase

- $$$

- questionable exclusives


- Lol?

The only winners here are those who buy multiple consoles - but that costs extra money, take up more space, and multiple subscriptions which add up financially.

Because we're mroons.