Icore 3 vs Icore 5 the truth..and

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yet another thought provoking rant why specialized pcs win over pcs.

For years now i have an icore 3, and the pentium series doesn't let up. Its like PCs hav met the end. Since 2010 it has been released. But why did the reviews back in the day say hey, icore 3 is as fast as an icore 5. Well because they were lying. To sell somtheing cheaper. Icore 5s are quadcore. Icore 3s are dual core. Its like you own an xbox 360 and not a ps4, and u dont even know it. The difference is astounding because games tend to make the best out of the hardware. But in reality Icore 3 is much slower. You will encounter stuttering, you might not be able to play actual games like gta v. You might not even hav a good experience on those xbox 360 upgrded games. Its a lie, icore 3 is trash. The industry norm is an icore 5. But I stopped upgrading hardware and just stuck to consoles a while ago. I tell you why. Consoles are better. Even if You get an icore 5 with like 2gb videocards, theres that game that needs 3gb graphics. Although the cpu never changes, the graphics cards are essential. And wat if, you cant get your hands on windows 64, buy it for 100 bucks? But my console has a free o/s....and wtf is up with the games? Most pc only games hav, thats right, either boring people from 1998 (yes ut still has servers), or their servers are empty...ie console to pc games. The hardware glitches...like i cant even use my xbox s cter without a usb hardware error. Yes consoles might hav gay as modders, or thos e stupid ass network errors from their shitty streaming ram capability...but in the end. They are more simple, easier to access netflix and more fun. PCs are clearly made for work. And that work is roughly 100 dollar upgrades every few months for that newer video card. To bad the icore 3 users im going to say this in your face. Your 200 dollar ps4, or xbox one...yes it beat you. Youre playing games with an xbox 360 sixth gen console. The games will def stutter and the fps will be really bad. Icore 3s do stutter though. Its time to make a special upgrad to that 4 gb videocard with a copy of gta v u rich fuckface. Specialized computers rule. When dreamcast cured the industry from cardboard graphics of the psone, and n64 blocks i new this. That was my first console and it ate the industry alive. Beating the arcade and PC for a time. But wait...theres more. Psone was so junk that people cant admit, tekken 3 for the arcade had better graphics. If you look closely, not only was the res missing...but the backgrounds as well. And the characters were much smaller. It was a good version though, but didnt go above pc or arcade. And most of its racing games are cardboard. Consoles rule nuff said...

but after dreamcast ofcourse is when the real 3d came to being.

GT7 vs Forza 7 vs Driveclub

Update: More rants...about ps4's unbeatable driveclub. Comparing forza with gt series or driveclub is like comparing day to night, or dcuo to gta v. Gta v rears towards realism in graphics. DCUO rears towards animation. Its that simple. Test drive le mans for dreamcast reared towards realism. Realism beats cartoony graphics is wat people usually say. But its more gameplay and customization. Graphics are better for preference. Realism just mimicks the environment. As a matter of fact, gt 7 wont beat driveclub. But its a larger game, and its a matter of car enthusiasts, taking their hobby too far. I am a bit of an electric car enthusiast myself, and would love to see an electric car game of some sort. Having modded an electromagnetic pulse circuit and calling it the Hammer as a moped. I take interest in what a battery can do. Especially if electric cars are electric recharging cars, or like my circuit, recharge as you go. Psone is like 911, the buildings were very unstable and narrow against wide with grid like squares as support like all buildings. But less support as it moved back and forth in the wind equals a great view and postcard! Something an architect should avoid, if expecting a nuclear bomb pr terrorist attack.

Here's a link to why dreamcast is still the best.

And yes Ps4's octocore does seem good but PCs can do something like 16 core. And the problem with PCs is no one knows how to make a game that suits PC hardware. I mean yes, the console ports are a given, and u probably do get true 4k but com' on. The graphics just like look bigger. And then they make sure it only runs on a PC 3 years older than yours. PC games are there in hardware, just not in games. They need a graphical game like driveclub to show us, that it outperforms consoles. Youll get these advantages with PCs, the best port, the best graphics, the best res and fps but not the exclusive games. PC needs a game that was made on PC first, like in the 90s with its fps lineups.

O/S consoles vs PCs:

Okay, so say we get windows 7 for free, well it should come with its own gaming o/s but does not. Instead we get shit, a poft called steam, and its third party networking. Steam, is known to do the following with out permanent fixes. A.) be constantly busy via steamhelper or something B.) crash the store app where u dl games C.) hav really bad performance issues that result on poor gameplay. Consoles hav something called an O/S that does the exact same thing, and even more, for free and doesn't trash your PC's performance. Oh wait, but theres safe mode, no you mfers of the only good game u ever made, halflife, have crash mode but i call it app money making mode. Get a life. I dont like APP MODE. Say its just a hardware issue, and my PC is 2011 watever. So wat, now let me play battlefield 3 in peace, not battle field i need a new processor, and 4gb video card. Say if it is me not remembering wat i locked in security settings. That long list in services. Well thats me being a dumb ass, thats cus i forgot wat i locked. Thats probably it actually. But com 'on, steam crashes anyways& why hav 2 users on network, why hav unknown users...so i can be spyed on and fuked with viruses, fuk no welcome to north korea. Anyways, steam requires no signatures and only windows 8 has that, try to clean the apps as much as possible, it still won't work. You need to put no signatures on all the time for steam. Its a good app, but signatures are sometimes required to run or install programs. So it becomes a....duhduhduhduhduh..maintenance nusance.

I haven't even seen a PC game that doesn't look like this on consoles. The exact same as the console version but with idk, higher fps and better res.

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I play vr with an i3 but you're right that I5's are significantly stronger and for some games they are highly advised. You can get I5's quite cheap though, and the second hand market is flooded with dirt cheap I5's, which will hold up with todays games.

Consoles are more easy going, it's also the reason I prefer them but not for certain things though. If I want to play a game for its graphics I won't use the console. The difference is just too great.

VR is one of the reasons a pc is way better as well, psvr is nice tech, but it's not even close to the pc experience.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geMXAkDi6jw I wish you were telling the truth, but yes consoles do that.

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They all have their place.

On a sidenote, i hope the latest i3 is quadcore (late 2017 or 2018?).

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@j2zon2591: octocore, ps4 is octocore meaning 8 in german.

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You pay for quality.

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@dcps210go said:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geMXAkDi6jw I wish you were telling the truth, but yes consoles do that.

I don't understand what the **** you're going on about. It's difficult for me to read and understand you first post.

What's the point of the video? Is that bait?

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@dcps210go said:

PCs are clearly made for work.

I'n 2017 PC's are made to do whatever you want with them.

Oh yeah, $500 GTX 1080's(GPU=Graphics processing unit) are clearly made for work and not video games. They just make gaming cases, laptops, and PC's for nothing...

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what the **** are you going on about

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Everything about your OP is nonsensical. Holy shit, were you dropped on your head?

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Huh. I though an i3 kicked the shit out of my 8-core FX-8350. An yet, I can play GTA V okay....on the latter.

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I just read hundreds of words, yet all I can think after reading that is, "what the hell is a icore?"

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@dcps210go said:

@j2zon2591: octocore, ps4 is octocore meaning 8 in german.

Are you serious? That is English. And the CPU in the PS4 is trash compared to PCs even if it has 8 cores.

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Console good...PC trash right? :P

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@j2zon2591: it is, look up the i3 8350K.

Quad core, no hyperthreading, runs all 4 cores at 4.0 Ghz.

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iCore? Is Apple selling CPUs now?

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@drlostrib said:

what the **** are you going on about

@goldenelementxl said:

I just read hundreds of words, yet all I can think after reading that is, "what the hell is a icore?"

Thinking the same thing.

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This is just too erratic and non-cohesive for any kind of discussion.