Huge downgrade Death stranding looks like PS1 game now

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Needs way more fog and the FPS is 2X too high. Other than that, looks pretty good. DS would be like 5 disks on PS1. Movie games were kinda tough to pull off in those days.

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Haha, well at least the game is still in color.

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They forgot the warped textures.

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Meh, TLOU did that already with it's downgrade to PS1. Nothing new their:

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Death Flopping or Flop Standing?

I'll report you decide. :P

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Give Death Stranding the Xbox One X treatment and we'll make it all better ^-^

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@vfighter said:

They forgot the warped textures.

Not all PS1 games had it..... some developers became very very very good at hiding it.

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The really sad things is sh*t like that won't fly in those days. How we have regressed.