How satisfied are you with your PS4 at this moment?

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InFamous is the only game I own (and I have the Platinum achievement). I do really like the PSN Store as everything is accessible and easy to understand, but my PS4 will not recognize my credit card (I've even spoken to Sony directly about this) so I have to buy PSN cards in order to add funds to my wallet.

PS4 is a good system, but I am still waiting for some games to play on it.

That's not a bad thing.. lmfao

EDIT: I will never put my CC in any gaming machine. Never have. You can get points / money on demand on amazon. Why would you after "the event" took place?

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Mine still works fine so of course overall I'm still happy with it. I never cared for the new UI, I much prefer the XMB of PS3. The store never feels very organized, more like they keep trying to shove something in my face. Of all the consoles, I prefer the UI of Steam the best but the store of course is getting very convoluted with all the indie games and it seems they push those types more on their main page.

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@bbkkristian said:

Disappointing, considering its been a ffxiv machine since April.

FFXIV is free to download on the PS4 right? I don't know if I want to pay $15 a month though to keep playing it after the first 30 days. After FF XI disaster I may wait a bit longer before giving it a try. I just started DC Online anyways.

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I wish I had one so I could say "highly dissatisfied".

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this big

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@blackace: i don't think it's free, still $40 or cheaper via physical. But there is now a 14 day free trial for the game if you're interested.

With the amount of content added each month and the rewards for doing so, I don't mind spending 15 to tie me over until the next game I want on my wishlist. Seriously, this game got me through the summer drought.

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Good. Just good.

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@siLVURcross said:

Good. Just good.

dat tongue though..

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I'm ok. I could have bought it at a later date but I cant say I regret purchasing it. It gave me some hardware problems (and still does) but what can I do? When it comes to games I enjoyed Killzone SF, Watch_Dogs and Trials Fusion and absolutely loved Resogun (this game has legs). I'm now enjoying Infamous SS aswell. I've been jumping from PS3 to PS4 and so far I still have many games to entertain me for a while. The PS4 has not justified its purchase yet but I cant say I would be better of without it either

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@kitty said:

I'll be able to answer this after friday. I'm getting one with 6 games and two controllers for $300.

dat craigslist

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I am actually very satisfied with my PS4. I play it a lot.

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@daious said:

My % satification must be be below 30%

@kitty said:

I'll be able to answer this after friday. I'm getting one with 6 games and two controllers for $300.

Best buy? They are doing an outrageous sale right now. Throw in the 10% movers coupon and you an amex for another 25 dollars off. You get a ps4 with like 4+ games for like 325.

A friend. I already have it in my possession. :P I wont post any impressions yet. I have another making a deal for $350. Will probably get that to.

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I play it more than my xbox one.

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Mine is good for watching movies.

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@Nike_Air said:

Things have gone pretty well so far. I bought in early mainly for Killzone and inFAMOUS , franchises I really like.I wanted to get in on the Killzone multiplayer early and didn't want inFAMOUS completely spoiled before I got a chance to play it. Dualshock 4 , better system/graphics/features , and PS+ games like Resogun and Outlast helped to support the main desires. If there's not something compelling me to buy a system for in the first place , I simply just don't buy one yet.

Played some Strider and P.T. for the first time last night. Will try again.

  • Killzone single player (a bit disappointing , Guerrilla can do much better)
  • Killzone multiplayer - 400+ hours , 2000+ challenges , and still going strong.
  • inFAMOUS Second Son - platinum
  • Assassins Creed IV - beat it , and did everything on the map
  • Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - beat it , and replayed some of it - lots of things to experiment with and experimented with Share Factory.
  • Wolfenstein - beat it , solid game

Beat these (PS+)

  • Resogun - platinum
  • Contrast
  • Outlast
  • Stick it to the Man
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate - found all scientists , found all treasures

Played some Mercenary Kings - I have a like / hate relationship hate with the game. I don't think I have the mental fortitude to finish a game like this.

I have a full plate to work with - (feeling a bit overwhelmed)

  • I haven't tried Don't Starve , Fez , or Road not Taken yet. (PS+)
  • I haven't tried some of the F2P games yet. - real;ly want to try War Thunder
  • I haven't played Watch Dogs , Rayman Legends , Transistor , or The Swapper yet.
  • Things like inFAMOUS FL and Destiny are coming soon.

400 hours on Killzone MP? How much does Sony pay you to play that crap?! Or are you just sucking down too much of grandpa's ole cough medicine...

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#116 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (7431 posts) -

It is about what I expected, happens every gen since I tend to be an early adapter.

Which Means that it is hardly getting any use at all. Mostly used for movies, but hey at some point the games will come. And I needed a new blu-ray player anyways soeh ^^

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#117 Posted by sts106mat (24175 posts) -

not getting as used as much as i'd like. I have destiny coming for it, might get Diablo 3 later this week, though not sure.

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#118 Posted by KillzoneSnake (2280 posts) -

Not much. I really liked the MGSV demo and that's about it. KZSF doesn't even have clan matches yet. But this is normal, first year for any playstation is always bad. When i bought PS2 zzzzzzzz and then GTAIII MGS2 wow, and same for PS3 zzzz and then Uncharted 2 Killzone 2 MGS4 Dead Space...

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@Animal-Mother: cow :P

I'm ok with it, though I can certainly see how someone would be kind of disappointed in it atm. I mean resogun and rogue legacy get the most spins on my ps4 and we're closing in on a year after release... that's at least weird even for a launch year. That said, there are some decent retail games out there, but they're just not better than the aforementioned indies so I don't play them as much.


2015 looks to turn me upside down and shake every penny from my pockets... so I'll just keep munching on backlog for a while...

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#120 Posted by Phazevariance (12181 posts) -

I'm not that satisfied with mine. Same with my X1. Both consoles have been out nearly a year and the lack of games is staggering considering that timeframe. They should have waitied one more year for release, put in stronger hardware since the price for the parts would have been cheaper by now, and released alongside newer games.

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#121 Posted by commonfate (13320 posts) -

I couldn't handle the greatness so I've already found a friend who is willing to buy it for $350.

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#122 Posted by AmazonAngry (968 posts) -

By far my favorite launch console.

Tons of games, excellent features and hardware.

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@Blabadon said:

So after yesterday, I literally turned my PS4 on, scrolled through my library, and turned it off. Never actually did that with a console before, so I was kinda disheartened. It's not that I don't like indies, but nothing compels me to start it that I haven't tried; Road Not Taken looks okay, Transistor, eh, Doki Doki Universe crashes like every system it's on.

I mean, there is Fez and Rogue Legacy but I play those on Vita more often because they feel better there. Not only that, I wanted to play big budget games/ 3D games, but none of those on the system compel me enough as great games, sans TLoU Remastered which I already beat on PS3. I've beat inFamous, Contrast, MGS Ground Zeroes, and Octodad on PS4 but nothing else feels must play, aside from the occasional Gun Game match in CoD.

Not to mention that my PS3 which rests on top of it has a backlog of games that scratch that itch, and many of them too.

Anyone else feeling disappointed with what's on offer so far?

Do you not care for third party games or what??? Since when did EXCLUSIVES become the only games in existance???

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Not really happy with it right now, but I completely expected that when I bought it. I'll feel differently about it, over the next few months, once I have more games.

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#125 Posted by deactivated-58319077a6477 (4954 posts) -

Its good, but lack of games that appeal to me or have yet to be released make it lease enjoyable, enjoying playing AC4 despite the glitches that sometimes ruin my save progress

Infamous & MGS5 GZ are others i'm enjoying at the moment.

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ps4 is the only system u need in life right now. it got the best games best graphics best online best controller best price best speed best games best handheld best sold best best best workers best gamers best community best fans best library best company best demos best betas best stock best devs best sound best looks best dress best features best hd best TV best subscriptions best value the ps4 is the best n satisfy every gamer needs imho facts SWAG sony wins another gen

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#127 Posted by TheFlush (5900 posts) -

Right now I'm beyond satisfied! I'm playing several games I really enjoy in turns now.

  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Tomb Raider
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • Valiant Hearts
  • Rayman Legends
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#128 Posted by RapidTurtle (342 posts) -

Got mine at launch and just sold it on Ebay. I agree, not enough games. I'm going to grab an Xbone for Halo.

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@b4x: I am holding out for another hacking of psn that's why I use my card now to purchase PlayStation plus. I want in on that 15million$ lawsuit :-)

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#130 Posted by B4X (5660 posts) -

@wiiboxstation said:

@b4x: I am holding out for another hacking of psn that's why I use my card now to purchase PlayStation plus. I want in on that 15million$ lawsuit :-)

The American Dream!

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#131 Posted by SoftwareGeek (573 posts) -

It simply doesn't have enough games atm. The games it does have are mediocre.