How much PS4 sales do you think KZ:SF.Knack got?

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Posted by Jakandsigz (6341 posts) 4 years, 3 months ago

Poll: How much PS4 sales do you think KZ:SF.Knack got? (10 votes)

About 800,000 put TOGETHER 20%
About 600,000 put TOGETHER 0%
About 400,000 put TOGETHER 40%
about 200,000 put TOGETHER 10%
The sales were modest together but not good. 20%
The sales were quite low. 0%
MAXED OUT. Sold the same amount in 24 hours as the PS4 did. 10%

Put together, how much of the PS4's 1 million+ sales do you think Knack and Killzone took? They were popular pre-order compliments. Not to mention KZ had some nice pre-order numbers fro Sony (lol vgchartz)

I think at this moment they got around 400,000, a very good start on the console. Mostly due to Killzone rather than Knack though.

What do you think?

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#1 Edited by MajesticShea (730 posts) -

1 million.

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#2 Posted by Douevenlift_bro (6796 posts) -

You're asking us to guess.

All we knowi is KZ:SF had more pre-orders than anything on Xbone not named CoD or BF4

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#3 Posted by Vatusus (8237 posts) -

Killzone I'm sure it is/will sell well enough. Knack will probably flop and righteously so. No excuse for a rushed and uninspired game Sony, tsk tsk

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I pretty sure most of the people who got a PS4 picked up KZ. Knack I'm sure will do well too. They'll be getting a purchase from me in a little while too :)

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#5 Posted by mrintro (1354 posts) -

half of the ps4 purchases were made by scalpers