How good of Blu-Ray player will ps4 & Xbox 1 have?

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PS3 was considered to be top blu ray player for good while. Do you guys think ps4 & Xbox 1 will have high quality blu ray player this time around that can compete with high quality stand alone units?

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Didn't know there was a difference?

Anyone know if either of the consoles do upscaling for DVDs? The PS3 did it really well and i'm more bothered about that than blurays atm given my backlog of DVDs.

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PS4 does 3D-Blu-ray, X1 doesn't, that's the only difference really

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Never used my ps3 to play blurays. Always used my BD player. Anyways, I'm sure they will have great bluray playback.

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If you're talking about picture, there will be no difference

Hopefully for lems X1 can force 24 on BD playback

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Got no idea but obviously the PS4 will have the better one

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I don't watch movies on disc anymore. I just stream.

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@lamprey263 said:

PS4 does 3D-Blu-ray, X1 doesn't, that's the only difference really

You are right about those differences, but I should stress that is not necessarily everything.

That is all we know of currentlly...there may be differences in gamma, black levels, features, audio, and tiny other things that video and audiophiles will have to break down over the next few months.

I'm sure the differences will be minute, but we can't auto assume they will be identical, as not even the DVD players were identical in the PS2 vs. Xbox, or PS3 vs. 360. Subtle differences that hardcore buffs will scrutinize, and for those that cared, there were differences worth note.

Sony does have an edge in this technology as they make high quality Blu-Ray players (in addition to the PS3's high quality Blu-Ray player), but we'll see how that pans out soon enough. Their advantage may be nil. We'll see.

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I have 3 blu-ray players in my house (not even counting my PS3), I don't even think I care if PS4/X1 have this feature.

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6x speed... Good enough watch a movie...