How every E3/ GAMESCOM / TGS should be

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With E3 done, im pretty sure sw has done enough fanboy arguing. I want to talk about what every E3/ GAMESCOM / TGS SHOULD BE moving forward

  1. if you are going to stream this to the public, leave all non gaming / corporate strategy talk closed to the public or do it at another press event. lets face it, e3 is only awesome because of games, not because of original tv programming or how many hours ppl have played your console
  2. If corporate things have to be announced...dont dedicate 30 minutes of it
  3. NO MORE CGI TRAILERS. i think hardware tech has advanced far enough that showing cgi only disappoints gamers. If its not ready, dont talk about it
  4. Dont announce a game that isnt going to release by holiday of the next year
  5. E3- there should be 1 day where public/ non media get to try out the games. 1 FREAKING DAY!

what do you guys think? do you have any other suggestions?