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I've been mulling over the three next-Gen consoles since they were released, and now that E3 has passed I feel like I aren't far off buying one of them. But I'm finding the decision tougher than I expected, possibly because there are certain things about both consoles I hate. So I thought I'd ask you all, especially the lucky folk who own more than one console, what you thought of the Wii U, XB1 and PS4.

To me, it's all about the games, and prior to E3 was pretty much set on plumping for a PS4. Now though, I aren't so sure, and this time I don't want to blow a load of money on the wrong one... like I did last-Gen.

Your advice would be great. To me, £350 is a lot of money.

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Okay, I bought a PS4, and so far, it's alright. If you have last generation consoles, my sincere recommendation is to wait until next year or a price cut if you aren't absolutely sold yet.

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Wait for 2015 or just buy a ps4 now.

A price drop is pretty unlikely however.

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**** the consoles, PC is the way of the future save up.

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Invest that money and turn it into more money and then buy a proper PC with that money BRO

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If you need help to decide which system to get then you probably shouldn't get any of them. It looks like you don't have a strong enough positive reaction to any of them to go through with a purchase.

Save your money and wait.

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I'm with the Blab..... If the pressure is too much then just wait.... Atleast until they stop making Cross gen games. Also have you considered a gaming PC ?

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@sam890 said:

**** the consoles, PC is the way of the future save up.

PC doesn't get all the awesome games coming out tho, you kind of need a console for 2015 or else you are massively missing out.

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