Has one game ever justified an entire system for you?

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Have you ever bought a system (or ended up keeping it) because of one game? Sure, there might be other games on the system that you like, or which catch your interest, but it's basically down to that one game that you love so much that you think that it justifies the entire system's existence for you, that that one game is enough to keep the system?

I know that with systems being so expensive these days, such an occurrence may be increasingly more infrequent, but I do have to say that this happened with me with the PlayStation Vita. I bought it, and was largely unimpressed by its lineup (just my opinion! The games are still great, I just couldn't get into them as much), and I was almost about to sell it, less than two weeks after I bought it.

But then I got Persona 4 Golden.

Holy shit, never before has one game felt so right on a system. It feels like the Vita was made for this game, and that this game was made for the Vita. I was completely enthralled by Persona 4 Golden, which I felt is where a good, but admittedly overrated JRPG finally came into its own.

Persona 4 Golden is amazing, and it justifies the Vita's entire existence for me.

What about you? Has this ever happened?

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Nope. No one game could ever justify a system for me, especially not an enhanced port.

Honestly, there has to be at least 20-30 games I want for a system before purchasing it.

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#3 Posted by Basinboy (13837 posts) -

If you are a rational human being, the answer should be no.

But I have (OG Xbox). Halo CE was the one reason I wanted to own one and I had zero intention of buying other games for it.

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#4 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (9730 posts) -

Yes. Super Mario Bros for the NES, Mario 64 for the N64, Halo: CE for the Xbox, GTA3 for the PS2, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Genesis.

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#5 Posted by hiphops_savior (8469 posts) -

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. Now granted, I was already having a blast with House of the Dead Overkill, but that one game that made go "wow". It was Super Mario Galaxy 2. The game was a blast from beginning to end.

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Depends upon how you look at it. I bought the PS3 when God of War 3 launched, the Xbox One so early because of Forza 5 and I'll be purchasing the PS4 because of InFamous: Second Son.

But there are other games I want to play on the systems - its just those games came out first in a long list for each system.

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#7 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (5667 posts) -

No, but I do think it'd be worth buying a Wii just for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That game could last you years.

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I have an original NES to this day strictly for mike Tyson's punch out. Don't own another game for the system. If it was on the virtual console if get it, but it's not. And I know that "punch out" is the same as "Tyson's punch out" with the exception of mr dream instead of Tyson. But that's the whole game to me. There's something about beating Tyson that can't be matched by beating some fictional boss like mr dream.

That is my only classic console. Don't think I'd do it nowadays. At least not while the console is relatively new. Too expensive. Would feel like a waste

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I have purchased a few due to a specific game.

NES - Legend of Zelda

SNES - Super Mario World

N64 - Mario 64

Playstation - Twisted Metal

Dreamcast - Power Stone

XBOX (not the One of course) - Halo

I guess I have a track record of it...

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#10 Posted by chocolate1325 (33007 posts) -

No I think you need more than one because after you have beaten that certain game then whats left to play.

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#11 Posted by xxyetixx (3021 posts) -

I kept my PS2 forever because of Twisted Metal Black and the online.

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#12 Posted by millerlight89 (18658 posts) -

The last of us - PS3

Then I found all the other games I missed playing on PC. Thank god PS3 saved me :D

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Forza is that game for xbone so far but more games will come obviously

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#14 Posted by PyratRum (778 posts) -

No, but there is usually one specific game that will push me to buy a system.

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#15 Posted by NoirLamia777 (3180 posts) -

Demon's Souls justifies the PS3, even if I never played any other game on the system.

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Multiple times:

Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog

SEGA CD - Sonic CD

SEGA 32X - Knuckles' Chaotix

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure

Game Boy - Pokemon

N64 - Rogue Squadron

Xbox - Halo CE

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#17 Posted by deactivated-5920bf77daa85 (3270 posts) -

I doubt it, unless you play the game at a friend's house. In that case, it's really a question of how many hours you end up playing. I might be tempted to buy a 360 just for PGR4 because I put so many hours into it. And, realistically, you aren't going to buy a system with only ONE game you like.

Even the vita has a couple of fun games you could play.

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#18 Posted by XboxDone74 (2116 posts) -

Yep. All the time.

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#19 Edited by YearoftheSnake5 (9139 posts) -

Usually there is a catalog of games for a console that I wouldn't mind playing, but there needs to be that game to make me buy the system. For example, if Microsoft were to crank out a Banjo Kazooie platformer, I'd be tempted as all hell to get an Xbox One.

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#20 Posted by stuff238 (3284 posts) -

I only bought a Wii for Wii sports.

I want a Wii U only for SM3DW, but I will wait until wii U is $99 because I can't justify spending $300 for 1 game. $99 for 1 game isn't too bad though. Just got to wait another year or 2 when Nintendo pulls the plug and I can get one for cheap! :)

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#22 Edited by cain006 (8625 posts) -

GBA and original gameboy for pokemon. Granted there's many other good games for it but I didn't know or care at the time.

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#23 Posted by whiskeystrike (12181 posts) -

DS - 999

Vita - Virtue's Last Reward

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#24 Posted by sailor232 (6880 posts) -

Mega drive: Micro machines 2

N64: Mario 64

Master System: Alex Kidd

That's it.

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#25 Posted by trollop_scat (2656 posts) -

Demons Souls alone made my PS3 worth it...

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Nope. A system must have at least 5 must own games to be worth the purchase. Never felt the 360 was one of those systems. Seriously, the 360 is pretty much a worthless console if you have a nice PC. My PC isnt a gaming rig but I still managed to play most PC/360 exclusives with it

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#27 Posted by BeardMaster (1686 posts) -

alot of my PC builds and upgrades are centered around a single game that i want to run better.

granted i would have upgraded eventually.

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#28 Edited by whiskeystrike (12181 posts) -

@Vatusus said:

Nope. A system must have at least 5 must own games to be worth the purchase. Never felt the 360 was one of those systems. Seriously, the 360 is pretty much a worthless console if you have a nice PC. My PC isnt a gaming rig but I still managed to play most PC/360 exclusives with it

It's time to let go of past gen.

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#29 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

I got a 360 to play Forza 4.

Ill probably get a x1 in the future just to play forza 5 and so on.

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#30 Posted by applefan1991 (3396 posts) -

GameBoy - Pokemon

SNES - Super Metroid

PS2 - Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 (shut up lol)

GameCube - Super Smash Bros. Melee

3DS - Ocarina of Time

PS3 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Xbox 360 - XBL

PS4 - Next Uncharted

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#31 Edited by Zidaneski (8817 posts) -

Tough choice but if it came down to absolutely one game for the PS3 it would be Valkyria Chronicles (with its awesome EX mode).

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#32 Posted by Pikminmaniac (11350 posts) -

The closest thing that I can think of is when Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King forced my hand to buy a PS2... It's still practically the only game I ever owned for that system.

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#34 Posted by coasterguy65 (7133 posts) -

I would never buy a system for just one game, but there is usually that one game that will push me over the edge to buy a system.

For example Super Mario World 3D may just make me finally by a Wii-U, and the new Zelda may just push me over the edge to buy a 3DS finally. Being able to trade my DS lite towards 3DS, and being able to play all of my DS games on the 3DS XL is just a bonus. Backwards compatibility is definitely a plus. Something both MS and Sony lost sight of this generation. If I could play PS3 games on the PS4, and 360 games on the XBone both would be sitting under my TV right now.

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#35 Posted by Demonjoe93 (9869 posts) -


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#36 Posted by Zoso813 (310 posts) -

The first Halo for the original Xbox.

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#37 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (9730 posts) -

@chocolate1325 said:

No I think you need more than one because after you have beaten that certain game then whats left to play.

There has never been a console with one game that I thought was just amazing that ended up having no other games that I also thought were great.

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#38 Posted by XxR3m1xInHDn3D (2365 posts) -

I loved and played countless of exclusives for the original XBox and 360 however Halo 2 and 3 gave me 1000+ hours each so they definitely did. I was into PC FPS too like MoH:AA, Quake, CoD 1, RTCW etc but Halo 2 and 3 were some of the best FPS ever and Halo 2 had ahead of its time multiplayer.

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#39 Posted by finalfantasy94 (27419 posts) -

nope. I usally need at least 4-5 games to buy a system.

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Depends what you mean exactly. I never would have gotten an X360 if it wasn't for Halo, but it's not like I only played Halo.

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#41 Posted by Blabadon (33030 posts) -

@whiskeystrike said:

DS - 999

Vita - Virtue's Last Reward

Nailed it

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#42 Posted by GhoX (6267 posts) -

Shin Megami Tensei IV, Fire Emblem Awakening, Zero Escape and now Bravely Default all are capable of justifying my 3DS just by themselves individually. However, since they were all there on one platform, I can only reflect the over-justification by buying a ton of fancy accessories for my 3DS.

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#43 Posted by treedoor (7648 posts) -

Gameboy - Pokemon

Gamecube - Super Smash Bros Melee

Xbox - Halo CE

Dreamcast - Soul Calibur

And the first PC I ever built myself was for World of Warcraft (though that wasn't when I got into PC gaming)

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#44 Posted by jake44 (2085 posts) -

I bought a 3DS almost as soon as they announced ALBW. There was like 7 other games that interested me at that time, but ALBW is what sold me on it.

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#45 Posted by trugs26 (7535 posts) -

Well I could argue from the point of view with time spent on a game, and time is money. For example, back in the day I spent thousands of hours on Pokemon Red/Yellow. So that alone justifies the price of a Gameboy. I'm sure people can have similar stories with games like Monster Hunter.

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Had to get the ps3 for god of war 3

i remember seeing this then going nuts

and then i finally played it..... i was a stupid back then, believing hype left and right

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#47 Posted by madsnakehhh (16393 posts) -

I bought a PS3 only because MGS4, it was the game that i had to play, period. In the end, while i loved it, it was also kind of a let down compared to MGS3, however that game alone was the reason i got the PS3, and i couldn't be more grateful for that, the PS3 was awesome.

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#48 Posted by jg4xchamp (61527 posts) -

A PS2 game was got you to buy a Vita? Truly an accomplishment for the Vita.

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#49 Posted by aroxx_ab (13236 posts) -

Yeah, Metroid and Zelda, each game make me get Nintendo system.

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#50 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Mario 64 N64

Final Fantasy X - PS2

Tetris - Gameboy

Pokemon Gold - Gameboy Color