Ground Zeroes Unit Patches (Spoiler)

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Ok so I'm up to my last unit patch and from my understanding I have to roll around and it'll convert into a cut scene in which then be placed conveniently along side me. Problem is, when first receiving the game, while testing out the controls, I rolled around and kinda remember the random cut scene and me asking myself, "WTF was that about?" I carried on with the game and now do not remember where I rolled!! Is there anything that'll indicate where I might have dropped it?

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Just restart the GZ mission and do it again.

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@vickissv2: I have at least 5 times. It saves from the initial save point when I first rolled. This was probably Hideo's way of trolling. Now I really have to remember exactly where it was where I dropped it. Honestly it could be anywhere

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Not exactly System Wars material or worthy of it's own thread here