Greediest publisher right now?

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@Jag85 said:

The whole point of a corporation is to make money, i.e. be greedy. These are not charitable organizations. They are capitalist corporations with the aim of maximising profits.

You are right. And yet they still need people to buy their products. So there is a balance. Activision Blizzard/EA/etc are not managing to stay in balance.

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I always thought EA and the Sims series was a joke, sell you an unfinished game then you have to pay to put small amounts of content back in periodically.

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EA followed by Activision.

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@madrocketeer: Bethesda

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All I want to know if that red dot comes with a Cashmere sweater.

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@KungfuKitten: Well, ripping-off or pissing-off potential customers is obviously bad business, as that leads to bad PR. Maintaining good PR is important for any business.

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Definitely Activision/Blizzard. They still haven't learned after all this time.

EA seems to sort of be learning, so I'll give them a little credit.

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@npiet1 said:
@Rockman999 said:

Easily Nintendo: Amiibos, Labo, and Nintendo Online which is barely up to Wii standards let alone PS2 standards.

Amiibos are worse than DLC. They want $10 per character to add some costume to a game. The only good thing is they are decent quality.

In a few years maybe collect a full set and they look cool on a shelf. I'm doing this for all the Disney Infinity characters

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@zeggelaar: Yeah, if anything it's usually collectors who buy them purely for the figure rather than for the content. Amiibos are almost completely aesthetic, and rarely (if ever) contain anything game changing. I don't see how they'd be worse than DLC.

Edit: Sorry that was more a response to npiet1, my bad.