Gif Wars episode 2, Tom Swiney get's involved with supernerd Mike Cerny manipulative tactics

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But wait, actually before I ramble on about this insignificant topic, let me first propose that you interpret the above word "bru" in the correct syntax, you will need to study the following video:

Oke bru, I digressed.

Thinking he had the upper hand, Neo Philly Dispenser celebrated too early. As he got blindsided by the lack of competition from the absence of bru Kaz Hirai. Xbox's 7th of March Xbox 20/20 event showed just cinematic trailers which were no more praise worthy than those that homebrew gamers would create for Minecraft.

Being the akward supernerd he is, Mike Cerny went ahead and leeched on the Xbox devision's mistake by posting a tech demo of a Multiplatform third party scaleable engine which is in no way exclusive to PS5's SSD speeds. Then he went as far to pay off Tim Swiner to twist and turn words in favour of his console. As history repeats itself, the SSD is now the equivalent of "tha cell" bru.

Still having no funny useable gif of him, Mike Cerny has his fanboy herds believe that the SSD I/O speeds are indeed to replace even the motherboard itself as all the rendering and computing is now to be done through just the power of the SSD.

In fact, many now hypothesize that Mike Cerny stole some secret sauce from Michael Jackson, leading many to believe he is in fact living on borrowed power. (on the left is Cerny, right is Jackson)

Neo Philly may be a god in comparison to basement dweller Cerny, but even a god falls to it's knees when all he has around him are fangirls blowing his popsicle.

Even if it wasn't necessary to hypebeast the shit out of this upcoming generation, such as it being equivalent to the transition from 2d to 3d... history is repeating itself like above, so it will for the upcoming Xbox 20/20 event. The current meltdown of cow tears will give Neo Philly all the chakra he needs in order to pull out his final trump card.

Kaz Hirai, whom still has supernerd Mike Cerny on his leash, whom right now is laughing in our faces after that Xbox 20/20 showing...

has not fully realised what the domino effect of his Unreal Engine 5 PS5 reveal truly is. It has summoned back Neo Philly from the cloud...

...whom is back at the 4d chess game with Kaz Hirai, as this month's battle might have been lost, but not the generational war, my bru's...

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Lets not go there this time around please.