Games are becoming too streamlined?

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These are the games I have on the ps4 right now

madden 25

nba 2k14


I've played al lthe free stuff. dead nation I played all the way through. don't starve I messed around with for a few days. And resogun. those were the only worthwhile ones to me. resogun to me was overhyped. I played it a few times and it was just a 2d shooter to me. a good one but eh. overhyped big time imo.

games coming im interested in



mlb the show

murdered soul suspect

the order

drive club

Seems like games these days are kind of roped into certain categories to me. I have my sports games. will be getting mlb the show. I just played ac2 on xbox for free and am still replaying gta 5. you have open world games and watchdogs ill get. destiny to replace killzone eventually. then you have rpgs like dragon age and the witcher coming until some of the other stuff by Bethesda and bioware get here. Ill probably get drive club as my driving game of choice over the crew and some of these other ones.

murdered interests me because I like detective games and puzzle solving mixed with action in sort of an open environment although murdered seems more linear.

not a big fan of platformers or fighting games or survival horror.

That's pretty much it. Then you have the order and games like uncharted and the last of as those blockbuster linear shooters at the end of the year every year.

Games are too steamlined these days? Anyways just read there are 2 more AC games coming this year. Still haven't played ac4 and like these kind of games somewhat although open world games in general are all the same. Tons of collectibles. Exploring boring things to do but this is the best there is right now. I tend to think the AC games give the most as far as exploration, story and and action in an open world.

So might as well get AC4? or just wait for watchdogs? I played the infamous games and they are ok but the gameplay to me is still pretty simplistic and just running around mission to mission shooting stuff. the new one just seems more next gen and stylized to me. I prefer the AC games for some reason.

I guess tom Clancy's the division is something a bit different. But then you have the whole stealth genre too(MGS) and 3rd person shooters. Not a huge fan of those either.

It seems to me like the entire industry has basically devoured itself to the point where there are one company for each genre or game and a total lack of innovation. These companies are raking in the doe and have basically milked the industry dry. Then they get mad about piracy when they've basically stolen the entire industry.

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It's Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Square Enix, Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, Naughty dog, Nintendo. Then you have telltale games if you want to play an adventure game. Ubisoft I swear has like 5 games coming out this year and they are all the same structure and if you want to play a game like that you have one choice. Get watchdogs or one of the multiple assassin's creed games or whatever.

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Streamlining games isn't always a bad thing.

EDIT: Nevermind you're talking about companies monopolizing genres, annualizing series, and streamlining the production of sequels by cuttin corners.