Futurama could be revived as an Xbox exclusive

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#1 Posted by avigeil (715 posts) -

I hope that they can make it happens!

Love this show


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#2 Edited by clyde46 (49050 posts) -

Not such thing as "TV exclusive"

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#3 Posted by Basinboy (13313 posts) -

I don't understand this move if MS does it.

Purchasing Futurama as exclusive TV content is not going to sell boxes or XBL subscriptions. It's more of "notch on the belt" than a system-selling move.

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#4 Posted by TruthBToldShow (352 posts) -

Be real here.

The show's quality reduced during its lifespan on FOX.

Its quality further diminished when moved to Cartoon Network.

And these are cable channels, broadcasted to various cable/satellite providers.

Do you really think its quality wont reduce further going to a gaming console "channel"??

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#5 Posted by darkspineslayer (22399 posts) -

Yeah, I'll pass if it's anything like the Comedy Central reboot.

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This is one of those shows that just needs to be left to die, there's a million shows that could do with reboots and this is what MS go for? :(

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#7 Posted by uninspiredcup (25876 posts) -

They should just cancel the long dead Simpsons and replace it with Futurama or bring back the superior King Of The Hill and get rid of the frankly overrated family guy,.

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Ewwww I mean i like futureama and all.. but this is just feels like sell out.. even though you do what you gotta do for your bread.... sell outs are not cool.

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#9 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (29702 posts) -

@clyde46 said:

Not such thing as "TV exclusive"