Fumito Ueda, Yoshida, and Keiichiro Toyama Play 'When Viking Attack

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Now it all makes sense why TLG isnt finished yet.



I couldnt help but also see what other videos the channel has...



Man japan has awesome commercials.

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TLG isn't finished because of 1) bad management (Sony not giving them a proper deadline or schedule), 2) a likely blank-cheque-budget (giving then free reign to redesign anything and everything if even the slightest flaw is detected) and 3) perfectionism in an imperfect world (Ueda is arrogant regarding his abilities, and is extremely pretentious about the artistic performance of his work). I have no hopes that the game is ever finished, because no matter how amazing it is, it will still be a disappointment for having to wait as long as we have. Hell, they started working on it shortly after Shadow came out. That was October 2005. It is now almost February 2013.