for those out of control about The order 1886

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The GFX really touched you i know, but the DC about it's just a TPS lol you really loosing control! reality check a TPS will not suddenly change in a platformer or a FPS shooter in a RPG if you think they will you are bored of gaming and should quit gaming and see a doctor

so stop the butthurt about TPS or you wont like the next gears

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u mad bro?

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@mems_1224: no just educating some people

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I bet the hype here dies when it comes to score predicting. Cows get all fanatical about a game, but when it comes to actually predicting a score, they will all say 8.

Also, the graphics are impressive if you forget that it's completely linear, with walls everywhere. I can max Crysis 3 when it's in a tiny area like this game seems to have. I don't think it's impressive if I did that, though. I know what my hardware is capable of.

Edit: I take that back. The graphics aren't impressive considering it's linearity. I would expect much better textures at 30fps.

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You are trying to create hype surrounding The Fog: 1886 much like a TitanFall thread. It aint happening. Not on my watch.

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Lol the dc is strong here

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System Wars: Damage Control threads need not apply.