Fire Tv controller has sold out.Micro consoles to take over?

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I enjoy these little micro consoles. I own an ouya and now a fire tv. There are some quality games to be played that are affordable. There is no where else where you can play more high quality old school games as well. are the #1 retailer in the world. Since launch the fire TV has remained a #1 best seller. The controller has sold old. There is also rumors of google creating another box with gaming as an option.

Small box gaming at a fraction of the cost (both hardware and software) maybe appealing to the mass consumer vs spending $400-$500 plus $60 per title.

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There is always a place for cheaper arcade gaming however I do not think it has the mass appeal that traditional consoles such as Ninty, PS and Xbox have, I would consider small box gaming as an addition to my current set up but I would never sacrifice my traditional console. The 360 had fantastic arcade game support last generation.

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As you say my friend, amazon are basically the largest shop in the world with potentially the largest ability to advertise. t will be very difficult for this to flop and not put the xbone out of it's misery once and for all.

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