Final Fantasy X HD Remaster GS review

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#101 Posted by Ballroompirate (25965 posts) -

@whiskeystrike: There's other "profitable" entries to the series SE could've explored instead of FFX . They literally took the one of the most hate it or love it FF game in the series and said let's make a HD version of it.

It's like no one ever wanted a remake/remastered versions of FF7, FF6 or even FF 9 also it's not like anyone started online petitions ether for those games, btw /end sarcasm .


I didnt lose at anything when I gave valid reasons why I hated FFX and and why I think it's horrible . I'm not the one claiming there's no one disliking FFX when there's plenty of people who dislike FFX.

So before you think I have selective reading or reading comprehension look at the reasons why I hate FFX and think it's a horrible game , I'll even list them off for you

*Tidus is a horrible main character, with annoying daddy issues, annoying attitude and just a poor character over all

*Weak ending that just B slapped you all around, that shyt with a certain character seriously pissed me off

*Weak love story

And you want to know everyones excuse for it being good ? Cause it was popular. Are you fraking serious siding with an argument with the answer is "cause it was popular". They gave no actual reason why THEY think FFX is amazing. Anyone could've went with " I freaking love lulu and that's why I love FFX" and I would've been ok with that instead of "I'm gonna link articles of what other people think of FFX" and "polls of what 218 people think the best FF game is".

I'm sorry but if you asked someone why they bought an IPhone 4 and their response was"cause it's popular" and you didn't say anything I would call you a liar.

You know what I'm done arguing, I'm just gonna go with the flow and be apart of "it's ok this game is popular" crowd in every popular game thread now, cause frak logic and forming an actual opinion right? Cause it looks we can get away with that now.

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#102 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (35549 posts) -

BallRoomPirate, no one is saying that FFX being popular makes it good, or that it being popular is good, or even that FFX is good at all. You said earlier that FFX is one of the most hated FF's; THAT is what people were arguing about, the popularity of FFX, not the quality of the game.

In my time viewing forums, I've seen more hate directed at FFII, FFVIII, FFX-2, FFXII, and the XIII trilogy than I have towards FFX. Hell, FFVII seems to get more bashing nowadays than FFX.

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#103 Posted by finalstar2007 (27942 posts) -

**** it i just gave in and bought the Vita version from PSN -_-


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#104 Posted by jg4xchamp (61470 posts) -

@Ballroompirate said:

@jg4xchamp: how stupid are you seriously? cause I want to know. I said I disliked 10 and why it was crap,

Lol there is no way you're not trolling at this point.

It's the only way this all makes sense. Is English your second language?

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#105 Edited by Animal-Mother (27353 posts) -

@DarkLink77 said:

It's a same X-2 is so uneven. That combat system is fantastic.

But I would agree. I think X is one of the better FFs. Hopefully it does well and they do the same with XII. I might be able to tolerate the International edition, since it apparently fixes the license system's nonsense.

You like FFXII

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#106 Posted by Netret0120 (3510 posts) -


He is clearly trolling. More hate is directed at plenty of other ff games rather than X. He is entitled to his opinion but i disagree with it.

Tidus at first appears to be a whiny kid but his character grows throughout the game and you end up caring about what happens.

The ending was NOT thrown together IMO(You see that? In my opinion) I wont post the spoilers here but i liked it.