Fallout 4 not being developed?

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I sent an email to Beseada softworks and they replied with this


Thank you for contacting Bethesda Technical Support.

We appreciate your interest, at present there is no information about a next gen installation of the Fallout franchise. When any news does emerge, you can expect it to be announced at http://www.bethblog.com/


Stewart G.

Bethesda Technical Support

Hi will you be making a next-gen version of fallout 3 or new Vegas Myself a fallout fan have been playing since the fallout franchise started and now I ve got a next- gen console PS4 and I am missing fallout 3 already I think you should really take into consideration about making a next copy of the game Unless you ve got another episode to the fallout series up your sleeve

Yours sincerely

Nick Cadogan

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Fallout is too good of a franchise to die off. Eventually they will make it. Probably so dang busy with Elder Scrolls Online. :/

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It will come. Its only a matter of time. My guess is end of 2014 or even early 2015. Will be worth the wait.

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I remember contacting Codemasters tech support once. They never replied.

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that response does not say that a fallout game isn't being developed. it just says that they have no information on any such game. basically, bethesda isn't going to officially announce a game or give new details on it in a random email. they save such things for gaming shows or for their own media day. part of the marketing cycle is timing the start of the information flow for maximum hype.

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You really expect they're going to tell you the truth?

"Oh hey there, yes we are making Fallout 4, but please don't tell the rest of the world until we announce it" LOL

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You have to think its in development since Skyrim came out. It's for sure being made just a matter of when they announce it. Your obviously not gonna get any information on a top secret project.

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we already know another Fallout is in development from the leaked documents. Hopefully they announce it at E3 this year.. that would be great

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That they have no official information about it doesn't mean they aren't developing it.

Simply that they haven't made a offical announcement about it yet.

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Fallout 4 or some other game has been in development at Bethesda long before they ended Skyrim, Todd Howard himself said this before Skyrim was released. We know most of the team on Skyrim went over to that project once the main game was finished while some worked on the DLC. I'm pretty sure that game is Fallout 4, and that we'll see it late this year or early next.