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#1 Posted by Shinobishyguy (22928 posts) -

Straight from steam greenlight


It's still in developement but it actually looks pretty damn cool. Anyone's who a fan of oldschool action adventures and rpgs should probably check it out.




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#2 Posted by Chris_Williams (14882 posts) -

hmmm it has my interest

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#3 Posted by KungfuKitten (24438 posts) -

Does this mean they will start holding your hand near the end of the game? :P

Maybe the ending will be DLC.

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#5 Posted by tagyhag (15874 posts) -

Yeah I saw it being greenlit, I hope it's good!

I'm also looking forward to Distance.1

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#7 Posted by dommeus (9433 posts) -

Release date is March 2013, according to the Greenlight page

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Will buy this.
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That looks neat.