Elder Scrolls online, big win, or big poo fail?

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Posted by uninspiredcup (26364 posts) 4 years, 3 months ago

Poll: Elder Scrolls online, big win, or big poo fail? (24 votes)

Skyrims online will kill wow and lead people to the promised land. 9.5 amazing. 8%
It will do ok 29%
The Old Republic 2 63%

My friends, the beta has been released and many young people have started playing an early incarnation of Skyrim Online. This video game title is based on a well known brand, utilizes first person and umlike manu MMO titles, will be released on multiple platforms including consoles (who buy the most copies of Elder Scrolls, much more than pc gamers).

Is this video game title a soup of sweet sweaty success? Or has the price point, the preorder items and subscription fee left enough bad ill in peoples tummys that it will directly have a significant effect on the thing this topic is about?

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#1 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (6843 posts) -

Subscription model means it'll flop. It'll be F2P in six months.

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#2 Posted by sts106mat (24247 posts) -

defo on the fence with this one, if it had been TES 6, it'd be a day one. but MMO....usually spells No

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#3 Posted by MonsieurX (37394 posts) -

Looks already bad on top its subscription

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#4 Posted by Litchie (21422 posts) -

MMOs are usually expensive, quite boring and takes up a lot of time. Pretty sure I'll skip this one. It'll have to be a freaking sweet game to change my mind, and I doubt it will be.

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#5 Posted by Priapus10101 (157 posts) -

From my experiences in the beta, this game is just another generic MMO. Considering this game is entering a market that is already over saturated with MMOs (which has recently been on the decline), this game is going to struggle to find its place. This game is destined to fail. Its a real shame since I really enjoyed Skyrim (love the Skyrim modding community).

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Enjoyed it quite a lot actually. I can see it doing very well based on how many platforms it will be on. My guess it will have a very healthy community.

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#7 Posted by locopatho (23245 posts) -

Just another boring MMO

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It'll do decently well because of the name, and been on consoles. But I've played the beta and it's not great.

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#9 Posted by starwolf474 (983 posts) -

At $15 a month, it will flop.

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#10 Posted by Krelian-co (13274 posts) -

i am happy is just another generic mmo, they want people to buy the game, pay monthly and have micro transactions? i hope it crash and burns, this is taking the milking too far.

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#11 Posted by shawn30 (4409 posts) -

This game is not worth $15 bucks a month on top of the $60 for the initial buy. No game is worth that to me. Now if it were $5 a month I honestly might reconsider. Maybe. But $15 is out the question and that's coming from a massive Elder Scrolls fan who owns all the DLC for Oblivion and Skyrim, they lost a customer with this pricing.

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#12 Posted by deactivated-583e460ca986b (7240 posts) -

I was in on this last Beta. This game feels like a step back from GW2 in almost every way. The subscription fee, graphics, UI, NPC's, writing are all worse than a game that has been out for quite some time. I must admit that I'm not big into Oblivion or Skyrim so maybe I am missing something. But the game is just average so far. Then again it is still just a Beta.

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"Hey guys, Skyrim is selling retardedly well!!!! Let's up the milkage by turning it into another MMORPG instead of working on ES6. I want a piece of that WoW pie."

I can imagine something close to this was said during a meeting at Bethesda. I want this to fail, not because I'm frothing at the mouth for ES6 but because it shows just how damn greedy Bethesda has gotten.

I'd rather have a Fallout MMO than another Tolkien inspired steaming pile.

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#14 Posted by Boddicker (4350 posts) -

@locopatho said:

Just another boring MMO

Sad but true.

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The subscription fee is what will keep many gamers, regardless of console or PC preference, away from the game.

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#16 Posted by zaza__ (25 posts) -

There is something strange, the fact they're trying to milk as much money out of the initial purchase as possible, this implies the publishers know this game is going to end up like SWTOR, so they're making sure they just cover the game's budget, cause again, they know subs won't last more than 2 months.

This is what happens when game development is controlled by businessmen in suits who never played a game in their lives.

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@Boddicker: nice comment... did u know eso as been in the works way before skyrim was ever released,

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@GrenadeLauncher said:

Subscription model means it'll flop. It'll be F2P in six months.

...and that's when I'll be interested.

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#19 Edited by Snugenz (13388 posts) -

Enjoyed the 2 betas i got into, though the most recent one was a thoroughly stress inducing stress test. But i've pre-ordered and i'll definitely give it the 30 days that comes with my purchase to keep me interested, if it has a good endgame i may just subscribe.

As for the money issues that people have with it, imo subscription based MMO's are still the way to go, F2P tends to put important stuff behind the paywall or make things that should be easy - harder to encourage you to buy an item to make things go smoother (SWTOR with it's redonkulas Subscriber only restrictions comes to mind).

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#22 Posted by Bread_or_Decide (25704 posts) -

So they took a series that was pretty much MMO-like without most of the MMO nonsense and then made it an MMO with all the MMO nonsense.

Huh? The appeal of their games is you get MMO feel with none of the bologne attached to it.

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Big poo fail. People don't believe in P2P anymore, except WoW players that already have their characters all pumped and strong. Nobody will pay 15€ a month to try a new MMO that it is doomed to fail and where you will need to start everything from scratch, making all those hours in World of Warcraft go to waste.

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i have a buddy in the beta and he is saying it is nothing to get excited about.

i will play it in a few months when it goes f2p.