Does Gamestop help fix systems

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#1 Posted by b-lane (124 posts) -
My 360 wont recognize any of the disc i put in so i was wondering if gamestop fixes systems because i don't want to wait 2 weeks to get my system back from microsoft because i just bought Gears 2
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#2 Posted by HarlockJC (25546 posts) -

no they don't

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#3 Posted by W1ckedGo0se (1246 posts) -
If its Unplayable disc and you've had it for more then one year then M$ will not fix it... You would have to open up the 360 your self and if the Disk Drive is really broken you could order the same disk drive over the internet and install it you self... Thats what I had to do...
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#4 Posted by b-lane (124 posts) -
thats crap every time a big game comes out for the 360 and i just buy it my 360 always has some stupid problem
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#5 Posted by -Mad_Rhetoric- (1765 posts) -
I know that they will buy broken system based on if they can be repaired (like RROD 360 that still under warrenty)
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play n trade will fix it if there is one in your area