Do you mind when a different developer takes over a series?

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I thought about this when finding out that Media Molecule is not behind LBP 3. It's Sumo Digital. But it also applies to games like Halo 4/5 and Call of Duty where another developer takes over for the series. Do you care? For me I do take it into consideration just because I always think the original developers will always be best for that series. I'm hoping LBP 3 really captures the essence of the first and does even better. But I'm also still cautious.

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I don't mind. It just makes me more skeptical.

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@TheGuardian03 said:

Didn't they do a better job than MM? i remember the fans saying they liked the vita one the best.

Also impressions from E3 are that LBP3 is fun.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Sumo Digital did the Vita version. I think this is their first crack at it.

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I enjoyed Halo 4, and that studio has Bungie formers, so in that case no. I never was a LBP fan. I tried it when it was a plus download and it was well made but didn't grab me.

All depends on the dev taking over.

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yea i dont like it.. New Vegas was terrible

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If it's like Halo 4, then awesome.

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i have yet to like a game not made by the original studio

@princessgomez92 said:

If it's like Operation Raccoon City or Halo 4, then awesome.

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Metroid Prime 1 and 2.

Retro Studios, love that game.

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I'm perfectly fine with it as long as the developers working on the new title truly care about what they're working on instead of just picking up a paycheck.

For example, Sanzaru Games took over the 'Sly Cooper' series after Sucker. Punch left and did a phenomenal job with 'Sly 4' (personally think it's the second best 'Sly' game after 'Sly 2'). But then someone like Warner Bros Montreal made a new Batman title and it was crap (when I heard tacked-on multiplayer, I immediately thought cash-grab).

So, I guess it depends on how much effort the developer puts into the project.

TL;DR: As long as the game doesn't suck, I don't care whoever makes it.

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A little bit. What is a company? It is not a single entity, a single is a collection of different people, employees that change over time. So when a franchise is passed along to a different developer, as long as it retains its core identity I guess I am fine with that. I cannot think of bad examples now but overall I do not concern myself too much with it because I do not know all that is happening behind the scenes, it prefer to reserve judgement until the final product is released.

I would perhaps sometimes get worried when it is passed along to a developer with a somewhat sloppy past record.

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Depends on which developer and what IP is being taken over.

In case of the new Battlefield, I'm sure Visceral will do a fine job, but I'm saddened that Visceral isn't working on any new Dead Space games.

I actually though the Lost Planet games were fun, I even loved the second game quite a bit despite its flaws and rough edges and horrible critic reception, but when I heard Spark Unlimited was doing Lost Planet 3, I did take issue, it looks awful and I completely lost interest in it.

Sometimes I've been wrong, like when Blue Castle took over Dead Rising 2, I was thinking that this was a potentially risky move, I mean they only had experience with The Bigs, which were good (so I heard), but much different than Dead Rising. But as it turns out, they handled the IP magnificently, and still are for that matter.

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Fine with me. Devs don't wanna work on the same title all their lives.

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Depends of the devs:

Dead Island going from Techland to Yager? Yes.

Lost Planet going from Capcom to Spark Unlimited? Noooooooo.