Do you enjoy easy games?

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#51 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Depends, some times i like to play something like Walking Dead, and sometimes i like playing a game on hard. So it really depends, but i don't mind them

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#53 Edited by ReadingRainbow4 (18733 posts) -

It depends on the game but I really do generally dislike easy games, especially when they don't give you an option to increase the difficulty.

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#54 Posted by Bruin1986 (1629 posts) -

@mems_1224 said:

I enjoy fun games. Dont care if they're easy or not.


I don't rely upon videogames to provide my mental stimulation for the day.

I have a profession, that unlike 90% of the jobs out there, actually requires constant mental exertion.

If that doesn't quite do it, I read constantly or play chess.

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#55 Posted by TrappedInABox91 (1483 posts) -

If the game is still fun...Why not?

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If I didn't have a job that I would prefer more challenging games. But now I really only have a limited amount of time to play games so I like them to be challenging, but not to the point where I can play the game all day and barely move through the storyline.

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#57 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (22677 posts) -

Depends. I find Crysis and Warhead at Delta quite easy if I use all my capabilities. Sometimes I have the urge not to use the cloak and/or turn off the UI. Then those games become quite challenging mainly against the eagle-eyed KPA.

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#58 Posted by B4X (5660 posts) -

All games are easy. If they're not broke, or cheap. Games can be learned to become a cake walk.

For me anyways.

Hardest game I think I played 7th gen was Geometry Wars and Rockband. Only reason is I didn't put the time into them to practice to be come good.

Another game I would suck at is Dance central. Can't rhythm.

Online games can be the only true hard games in my book. When you battle against another human being is a true test of skill. That is the only way for me that a game can become hard / challenging.

My answer would be yes, I enjoy every single player game I intended to play. A.I. = Easy mode. IMO

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#59 Posted by finalfantasy94 (27395 posts) -

I like games that have a difficulty option.If im enjoying a games story and characters and have to grind TONS or get caught in a cheap fight I would like to have the option to put easy to run pass it.Side note NG for nes was super cheap and I cant stand games like that.

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#60 Edited by DirkXXVI (498 posts) -

It depends. For the most part I love easy mode and rarely hesitate to use trainers (cheat apps for games) on games that are heavily storied based as usually I'm just trying to enjoy the experience and don't care for numerous game over screens. I also loathe the concept of grinding so I prefer to use methods that allow me to gain both experience and in game currency for more open world/RPG type games (FF7 and FF13 are the only two Final Fantasies, maybe even RPG's in general, that I've beaten without cheating). For example I've learned to love the feature on an Assassins Creed 4 trainer that allows me to be undetected as long as I don't physically bump into any enemies. The tipping point for seeking out such a tool came where the mission in the video below took me around 40 minutes to complete.

Loading Video...

As I soon found out I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem.

- Worst mission ever. I don't know who thought this would be fun, but they should be forced to replay it a thousand times without any breaks. Reply · 41

- This mission was so horrible Reply · 22

- This level is beyond ridiculous, why is it so f**** hard!!! For reals!!! Reply · 27


- This mission makes me want to sell the game back. Reply · 18

- swear to f*** this my 50th time trying this f***** s*** no joke 1 more fail uninstalling ths shit Reply · 20

Now if its a sports game or some sort of competitive game its a completely different story. I usually play on the hardest difficulty level and absolutely refuse to use any sort of in game exploits or glitches. Part of the reason I try to avoid online gaming these days, especially for games like NHL and FIFA is it felt like 30% of the time I would run into players that openly tried to exploit the game. One of the more notable examples for me personally was the kickoff glitch way back on FIFA 10. So often I would run into people who would try it and though they usually failed the fact that they even tried it just ticked me off.

Usually I would just quit the match as soon as I saw it because it seemed like a pretty good indication that I would be wasting the next 20 minutes of my life playing either someone who just flat out sucked or wasn't going to hesitate to use any sort of exploit available to them (online rank never meant anything for me save when it prevented me from playing better opponents, but even then online lobbies gave me a chance to personally seek out better players).

Loading Video...

So to sum up if its a single player game I have no quarrels about using easy mode and/or cheats. If its a competitive game, particularly a sports game, then I'm usually either playing on the hardest difficulty level or trying to work my way up to it.

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#61 Posted by Liquid_ (3818 posts) -

i dont find annoyingly difficult games that fun.

i typically always choose the hardest difficulty when I am playing a new game in any case and if its too hard, i just lower the difficulty

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#62 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

Obviously many people want story heavy games to be easy..... Why don't they just skip the gameplay entirely and just watch a movie ? Wouldn't that be even more enjoyable than easy gaming ?

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#63 Edited by edwardecl (2240 posts) -

I enjoy games where the challenge is what you make it, where a good strategy gives you a satisfying win, where going in unprepared means you lose.

I don't like games that are being unfair and the only reason it is difficult is because it's like the arcade games from the 80's where they throw wave after wave of crap at you before you die. Games like that are not hard they are a test of endurance, I really wish games would not do that.

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#64 Edited by DirkXXVI (498 posts) -

@clyde46 said:

Depends, most of the time I play on normal but there some games that I'll play on hard. My friend told me to play TLOU on hard mode because on the easier modes you ended up with tons of supplies and it skewed the game. Playing on hard meant I had to think about how I would approach 3 clickers armed with a 2x4 and a shiv.

I absolutely loved the way TLOU was designed. Granted I played it on easy mode and there were frustrating parts, particularly with clickers, but I just loved how the stealth element felt functional. Most games that use stealth make it so you have no idea who can see you and how to move around unless you're really skilled. With TLOU not only did I feel I could use the stealth but I felt like the game genuinely rewarded me for using it.

@Lulu_Lulu said:

Obviously many people want story heavy games to be easy..... Why don't they just skip the gameplay entirely and just watch a movie ? Wouldn't that be even more enjoyable than easy gaming ?

Lol, I knew that question was going to come up, though I understand where you're coming from. There's more to it then that though, parts that you would miss out watching an in game movie or any movie for that matter. Part of it is being able to control the character and explore the world as you see fit, even in a linear game you can usually walk around and 'view the sights.' Theres also an increasing trend of games allowing choice (The Witcher, Mass Effect, Telltale The Walking Dead etc) where watching another persons in game movie on YouTube is a very hit or miss experience when trying to view the story.

Theres also an instance for me personally when playing the Yakuza games I would use cheats for max money. Doing so saved me the trouble of grinding to get to certain parts of the main story not to mention having more then enough money basically allows me the freedom to play any mini-game I want (of which there are tons in the Yakuza series). Ironically though for games like Yakuza and the Batman Arkham series I don't feel compelled to use cheats that give me the freedom to max out my character in part because the games aren't so difficult not to mention they're pretty damn fun without cheating (character leveling wise).

If I had to put my finger on it I would say people like me view an experience such as watching a movie as too passive, while on the opposite end of the spectrum a difficult video game is frustrating. Playing a narrative heavy game on easy mode seems to strike the right balance.

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#65 Edited by jg4xchamp (61462 posts) -

Depends entirely on the game, and how it makes up for the fact that it is easy. Most of the time a game that is too easy isn't exactly something I want to spend time with. At the same time I don't automatically play a game that is hard, and go yep this is the real deal. Because if all you have going for you is challenge, then what separates you from the other games that provide a challenge? It's like any other element of game design. It's how it compliments or detracts from the other elements of the game.

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#66 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


Preparation/Strategy based difficulty sounds like a good idea but that has a few issues of its own, it can lead to Checkmate situations or Strategic Failures, where the the game is won/lost long before its actually over since most of the challenge lies in the preparation and not the actuall execution..... Even winning would get boring if executing a well planned pre-emptive strategy just feels like going through the motions. I think the most challenging and fun games are the ones that can't be fully planned and prepared for.... The ones where you can't see too far ahead.

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#67 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


True.... But thats only because the full on combat against the infected was absolutely terribly designed. Even Headshots barely affect them.

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#68 Edited by trugs26 (7494 posts) -
@princessgomez92 said:

I just enjoy a game if it's fun.

This. It may or may not be difficult. It definitely is not necessary.

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#69 Posted by Sword-Demon (7007 posts) -

As long as they're not too easy (like Kirby's Epic Yarn, that was mind-numbingly simple), then I can enjoy it if it's a well made game.

I prefer a challenge though.

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#70 Posted by Truth_Hurts_U (9703 posts) -

I hate games that punish you every step of the way. Though I do like Hotline Miami... Done the right way.

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#71 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


Well "Punish" is a different concept entirely...... Its a condition that only takes place in a loss state. So if you don't lose you'l never be punished.... I mean does adding Permadeath in Kirby's epic Yarn make it harder ? I wouldn't think so.

Most people don't see the difference between encountering resistance when doing something right and being punished when doing something wrong..... Its all the same to them.... Hence Dark Souls. ;) lol.

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#72 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

Its a distifinction alot of people missed in the Prince of Persia Reboot.

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#74 Posted by LZ71 (10524 posts) -

I don't care if a game is easy or hard as long as it is fun to play, and if the difficulty fits the game well. Call of Duty (and other games like it) is something I really only play on easy now as it provides the best representation of the "badass soldier" feeling the games are going for. On the other hand, a game like TLoU or Alan Wake is more enjoyable if I'm constantly on the edge of death all the time. It all depends on how well the game's experience works with the challenge.

That being said, because I think many games don't really understand or implement a harder difficulty well, I tend to not bother with hard mode most of the time. I don't have the patience to trudge through a game anymore where every enemy is omnipotent and/or a bullet sponge (especially when it doesn't make any sense in the game's context), or sh*tty checkpoints force you to replay long sections of gameplay to return to one fight.

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#75 Posted by JangoWuzHere (19032 posts) -

The Arkham games are super easy, but that doesn't mean that they aren't fun.

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#76 Posted by Elpresador-911 (1034 posts) -

I usually play on normal.

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#77 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


Actually it means they are less fun. Arkham games are easy because in both stealth and combat taking down enemies is simple if you just stick the bare minimum of Strike Counter Strike Counter or Sneak Up From behind then take down then rinse and repeat.... Thats easy and not fun at all (I know different people define fun in different ways, but in this context its pretty clear thats not fun), the game becomes much more fun when you use all the other gadgets, which also increases the game's difficulty, since the challenge is directly proportional to its variation, and people like variety :p.

In Arkham games the the Variety, Challenge and Fun Factor are tied to together. So in essence the challenge makes it fun. ;)

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#78 Edited by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) -

Depends on the game. For RPGs or platformers I like a good challenge. Nothing frustratingly difficult, just something that isn't mindless button pushing.

Most of the time setting, atmosphere, music, aesthetics, characters, level design and mechanics are much more important to me than some sense of accomplishment for bravado.

I'm beyond caring about impressing internet brahs by trying to be a tough guy who beats everything on super duper difficulty.

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#79 Posted by finalfantasy94 (27395 posts) -

@Truth_Hurts_U said:

I hate games that punish you every step of the way. Though I do like Hotline Miami... Done the right way.

Yea hotline miami does it right.The games does have challenge in how you plan out your attack on the floors but it doesint really become annoying to be killed over and over again since they give you the right tools to the handle the situation and it doesint really punish you for failing.There are no lives,it doesint start you from the very start again and it quickly loads up.Those factors make it addicting to keep trying even though you can die alot.

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#80 Posted by HitmanActual (850 posts) -

@mems_1224 said:

I enjoy fun games. Dont care if they're easy or not.

Well said. Pretty much sums up my thoughts as well.

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#81 Posted by sukraj (27305 posts) -

I dont mind playing games that are easy to play.

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#82 Edited by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

So I've been thinking.... Theres a difference between how a game entertains you and how a story entertains you.

Gameplay can be fun and entertaining without being emotionally evocative, it targets the brain.... Story is the opposite, it entertains by being emotionally evocative, the sequence of events should have some intrinsic and sentimental value to the person, stories target the mind.

Getting a game to stimulate the brain and the mind simultaneously is an extremely difficult balancing act, infact I think its impossible because its being balanced instead of being spliced. I think thats what created this divide between people who play easy games for the story and people who play difficult games for the challenge.

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#83 Posted by br0kenrabbit (15139 posts) -

I love difficult games. The first time I play a game I put it on the hardest difficulty. On games where I can, I download mods to make it more realistic and thus usually more difficult.

If I beat a game on a lower difficulty level, I don't feel like I've accomplished much. Whereas if I beat it on the hardest difficulty, I know I've overcome everything the game can throw at me.

The sole exception is the Civilization series. Good Lord...

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#84 Posted by cainetao11 (32742 posts) -

Easy games, easy broads, easy government overthrows............................'Murica.

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#85 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (9286 posts) -

It depends on why the game is difficult. Generally, I like complex games. If it is difficult because the learning curve is steep, that's great. If the game is simple to play but still difficult due to your character moving slow and clunky and not having many combat options, then I probably won't like it much.

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#86 Posted by IamAdorable (407 posts) -

I sure do. I don't mind the difficulty as long as I'm having fun.

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I used to enjoy the satisfaction of beating a tough game after having it kick my ass over and over again throughout. Especially back when I was a kid, even though I'm younger than most old school gamers, since thanks to where I live, my first exposure to video games were bootleg NES clones, I was used playing to games like Contra where you die a few times and have to start all over again.

But now, that kind of thing just frustrates me. I've begun to immensely enjoy games like Assassin's Creed which I can go through at a leisurely pace and use as a means to relax and unwind. I get enough challenge and frustration outside gaming, so when I game, I'd rather have fun without raging.

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#88 Posted by jsmoke03 (13696 posts) -

i enjoy easy games. in fact i enjoy them a lot more now that im older

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From what I remember people liked the idea of a hard mode for Megaman Legends 2; but all I wanted was a maxed buster gun, so I enjoyed easy mode for that reason alone and never understood the interest in hard more for Megaman Legends 2; for the most part. I never enjoyed any of the original Megaman video games due to the naturally hard difficulty, but I suspect many would challenge this. Overall, I feel a video game is more fun for me it is on easy, as I feel I am in control and that nothing can go wrong.

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#90 Posted by Demonjoe93 (9869 posts) -

If a fun game happens to be easy, then I'll probably enjoy it despite the lack of challenge.

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#91 Edited by superbuuman (5982 posts) -

nope dislike easy game...I still remember the easiest game I completed Kabuki Quantum Fighter on NES it from videoshop...completed it within hours on the same day...I was like is that it?

Prefer challenging usually play on "Normal"...if I find it too easy then will switch to "Hard" :P

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Dificulty isn´t something that concerns me that much these days,I enjoy a good challenge but I have no issues in lowering the dificulty in certain games.

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#93 Posted by SYSTEM-REBOOT (658 posts) -

I enjoy limited games (not very difficult nor very easy) but nowadays too many easy games i cant enjoy. i want challenge in games.

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#94 Posted by j2zon2591 (3181 posts) -

Mostly. I think YS 7 on nightmare is the hardest I can tolerate and that's very easy since I just grinded.

I simply do not have the competitive spirit (nor skills).

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#95 Edited by princeofshapeir (16606 posts) -

Nothing wrong with easy games that have enjoyable gameplay or great atmosphere and story.

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#96 Posted by Jd1680a (5958 posts) -

it all depends on the video game. Since almost all games have a storyline, I like to have kind of difficulty with balance game play as so long i could move forward. I dont want to spend 20 minutes on a part because the game was "too hard."

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#97 Edited by stuff238 (2378 posts) -

Easy ares are the best for me. I can't stand dying too much. I just rage quit and sell the game right after. If I get stuck in a game, it makes me want to quit. I have enough stress in my normal life. Don't need it in my virtual one.

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#98 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


It almost sounds as if you play games just to further the story....


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#99 Posted by CrashNBurn281 (1520 posts) -

@lostrib said:

Depends on why it's hard. Like I don't enjoy hard modes in games where the enemies just become bullet sponges.

This. Making a game harder by lowering character health and increasing enemies health doesn't make the game harder, it makes it more annoying.

If it increased AI functionality, then yes I would be all for that. That is one reason I would be excited for a game that had scripted sequences, yet people on the other end. I am not really encouraged at the AI possibilities of this gen with the current cpu picks of both major hardware manufacturers.

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#100 Posted by vashkey (33782 posts) -

Depends on why it's easy. I don't seek out easy games or only enjoy games that are easy if that's what you're asking. But there are many games that happen to be easy that I enjoy.

But I don't like it when games can't get the tutorials out of the way within the first hour or so. I don't like games that keep dripping in notifications on the meaning of basic gameplay mechanics all the way through out the game. I just don't like it when the game doesn't trust that the player has a functioning brain