Dark Souls 2 VGA trailer: Pre-rendered or in-game or combination?

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#51 Posted by XalonR (100 posts) -


Were people really that dissapointed with how Phantom Pain looked as the next gen glimpse to be asking this now?

E3 2013 is likely to produce even more dissapointment then.


but you have to keep in mind dark souls needs to be toned down enough to run on the 360 hardware, this is not demons souls were talking about here

But you have to realise you're not even funny for a troll just god damn stupid. PS3 and Xbox 360 are basically the same PC is king.

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Wow!! I'm playing Dark Souls atm... disliking it more than I disliked Demon's souls.

Hope From Software does a better job next time.

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[QUOTE="ferret-gamer"] Stupid argument. If you toned down everything it wouldn't look the same. You can technically run crysis with an fx5200 if you tone everything down enough, but it won't look anywhere near comparable to the game maxed out. You really don't know anything about offline rendering and the techniques used with it if you think that any single consumer desktop computer can come close to something like that trailer. Cinematic trailers like that or what you see from places like Blizzard, Blur, Square Enix are done on render farms that comprise of hundreds to thousands of computers. ferret-gamer

There are certain very demanding features that could be dropped or done more effectively that could make a game look comparable, though not identical. The 780/8970 and Haswell CPU line will be out by the time DS2 is released, giving further power to effictively run something close to that CGI trailer if run in tri or quad sli/crossfire.

We also don't know what was used in the rendering of the DS2 CGI. You can't really argue technical details if you don't know them, we can only discuss how the trailer was very liberal in its use of browns and greys and is therefore held back from being all that it can be.

And I never claimed that current hardware could run Blizzard CGI, which is FAR more advanced than the relatively basic CGI shown in the DS2 trailer.

And the game could make use of future hardware in the way that Crysis did, but again, this is From Software and it won't happen.

And again, 720p.

I don't need to know the exact techinical details when I see things that obviously can't be ran in real time on single desktop. And again, making something comparable argument is irrelevant because running something comparable is not the same as running the original, and what is "comparable" is highly subjective. As you've pointed out you seem to think it doesn't look much better than UE4 or Crysis 3, while to me and many other people they very blatantly look worse.

Also, I don't know where you are getting the idea that the Dark Souls 2 trailer is "relatively basic" CGI in the first place. You shouldn't be insulting the people who made it when you clearly have little knowledge of the subject to make that sort of judgment.

720p doesn't matter that much. If your computer would take 3 hours to render a frame at 1080p and 2 hours to render it at 720p, it is still not rendering at real time.

How about something so you can see for yourself?http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/LuxMark#DownloadThis is luxmark, a pathtracing benchmark capable of using both the CPU and GPU in the rendering process. Download it and try it out. See for yourself how quickly your single computer is capable of rendering the stuff. And that is just lighting and basic materials. Not counting the particles, fluid effects, complicated materials, cloth, post processing, and the many other things that go into something like a cgi video game trailer.

The trailer is not as good as Blizzard's recent. It's not as detailed. Try search fro diablo 3 CG scenes.

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Answer is obvious but Im still hoping it is not :)

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Fanboys hoping that it's somehow in-game

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Just do something about the performance. My God, that was all over the place.
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lol question but i do certainly hope we can finally play a not fugly Souls game. They made money, now invest it in an engine that doesn't look like something from >2004 on pc.
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Wow... can SW get any stupider?

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All pre-rendered, I mean just look at it. It's obvious. themyth01
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Maybe wait until you play the game?

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Obviously CGI. Not even next gen consoles and state of the art PCs will be able to handle those graphics, any time soon.