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Now that the gen is over, pc only gamers, wich console games did you miss having on pc. For my part it was

Forza franchise, Gran turismo franchise, Uncharted franchise, super mario galaxy and new super mario, red dead redemption and journey. I think the number of games that I missed was considerably lower than last gen. It seems most devs are going multiplatform.

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Yeah, There were only ever a couple really. The rest were either crap so I wasn't interested, or coming to the PC as multi-plats.

Dont' care about Forza/GT, don't care abotu MArio, but I do miss Zelda. Journey and Redemption also would have liked to see. That's about it.

Compare that to the huge number of awesome PC gaming expriences console gamers missed out on...

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Hmmm .. Dark Souls

Uh ...

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Red Dead Redemption takes the cake, no contest.

Less importantly, there's Demon's Souls, Gears of War 2,3, Shadow Complex and that awesome MGS 25th Anniversary Edition... would love to have all the MGS games available on the PC, in a nice and convenient package.

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Forza really needs to be on PC. And Dark Souls, not that crap that they called a port. Worst port of all time. At this point I would rather play everything on PC though for 1440p