Console gamers, please give PC gaming a chance

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There are plenty of things console gamers think about PC gaming that make them not want to become a PC gamer. Here I will look at some common distastes for PC gaming and show why they are not completely true.

PC gaming requires a lot of technical expertise, because you have to troubleshoot errors all the time.

You don't need to be very technologically savvy to troubleshoot your PC in the rare event that you get some sort of error. You won't get many errors and crashes on PC, it's just that the people who do happen to get errors on their PC make it seem like they are a majority because people don't just post on threads about not having errors.

Building a PC is hard.

Building a PC is not hard, it is as easy as putting the parts into place and there are plenty of videos on Youtube that show how to build a PC.

I want to play on a TV.

You can hook up your PC to a TV.

I want to play with a controller.

You can hook up a controller to a PC, it is as simple as hooking it up to a console.

I need to upgrade my hardware a lot if I am on a PC.

Unless you always want to have a top of the line gaming PC, you can upgrade your PC about every 3 years.

PC has no exclusive games.

That is just false. There is World of Warcraft, League of Legends, all Real Time Strategy games, most Turn Based Strategy games, the ARMA franchise and many other games. Also, multiplatform games sometimes have mod support on PC, which can extend your playing time a lot.

PC gaming is expensive.

That is not true. Unless you want to run games at extremely high resolutions, this build is $700 (it even includes an operating system) and beats the PS4 by a lot in terms of CPU and by quite a bit in terms of GPU, not to mention the Xbox One.

I will compare this PC to the PS4 in terms of price and show you it's cheaper to the end of this generation. For the PS4, you need to pay $50 a year for online play. On PC, you don't need to. The average game purchase on console is around $50. On PC, it is about $35. If you buy 10 games in one year, the PS4 cost per year is $550. On PC, it is about $350.

PC cost after one year: $1050

PS4 cost after one year: $950

PC cost after two years: $1400

PS4 cost after two years: $1500

After 2-3 years, you might want to upgrade to a new video card. $200 video cards are usually great, so add that to the annual cost.

PC cost after three years: $1950

PS4 cost after three years: $2050

After that, you might want to upgrade the RAM. Add $50 to the annual cost.

After 6 years, which is when the console generation will probably be over, the PC will have cost $3050 and the PS4 will have cost $3700. So you will get a better experience for less money.

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Yeah, this will go well...

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I'm not into trying to convince people to do anything. People do what they want to do. I will give people the right information. Nothing annoys me more than misinformation spread by people who have no clue what they are talking about. That seems to happen a lot here.

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