Cod Ghosts couldn't do it

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convert x360 gamers too Xbone

last hope is Titanfall if that doesnt't work we can all agree that Xbone will have a verrry difficult gen with all this hype Titanfall should be the dealbreaker.. lets pray!!

will Titanfall do it ?

and for the love of god i hope Titanfall will score high this could be a big hit for Xbone or a big dissapointment

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#2 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Titanfall is overhyped in my view. Games like Dragon Age, Destiny, Watch Dogs look way better

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Your obsession with Xbox is borderline crazy.

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March looks to be the last time I'll be buying 360 games. Darksouls 2 , Southpark and Titanfall seem a good way to end the 360 for me.

Once played to completion I'll pick up a PS4.

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Why would it? You didn't need to upgrade to the Xbox One to play COD.

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Why would a cross-plat game move people to XBone? CoD or Titanfall? This thread is utter nonsense.

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Lol at anyone that bought a PS4 or X1 solely to play COD this holiday:-P

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why would anyone other than the companies involve pray that titanfall brings in more lemmings? lol step away from the keyboard and relax.....both companies are going to be fine. despite sony being in third place most of last gen, it actually benefited the cows.....the bone is going to be fine

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ghost is a fail. COD is on the way off the big throne, acivision is only one to be blamed for that

Titanfall looks great but, 360 and pc will also have it so it's not going really push people to get a xbox one unless MS throws in nice deal like all DLC free for xbox one or something

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@clyde46 said:

Your obsession with Xbox is borderline crazy.

fakeboy gonna fakeboy

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Why would it convert 360 gamers to X1? They're getting it anyway.

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why would COD ghosts convert people?