Clones you played before the "real" thing?

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Simple question, but what clones of a game series did you play before playing the real thing?

For me, before I played Tomb Raider, I played the PC versions of the first two Harry Potter games.

There's puzzles, there's platforming, the first game had tank controls (the second game approves the controls though by adding mouse support and strafing), and it's in a behind the character third person view.

The real thing I would later play would be Tomb Raider: Legend on the GameCube.

When the series would get rid of the tank controls that would hinder the experience for a lot of people, including me as instead of a PS1 (where TR was most popular at the time), I had an N64 and most 3D platformer games on the platform (Mario 64, Rayman 2, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, DK 64) would have full analog control. Damn shame it took them until almost the end of the next gen to do it.

What about you?

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For me, I think the only thing comes to mind would be Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire PC before playing the N64 years ago. It's the only game I can think of.

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I was playing many games on pc, sony playstation, and xbox. Later on i bought a Nintendo console and Sega console. It was at this point i realized all the good ideas come from Nintendo and Sega.

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Dark Alliance 1 + 2. Then I played a demo briefly for either Diablo 1 or 2 some years later and played a little Diablo 3 a couple years back.

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struggling to think of anything

Splintercell before MGS?

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@with_teeth26 said:

struggling to think of anything

Splintercell before MGS?

Touche. That was the same thing with me. Don't know why I didn't think of it.

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Rogue Trip before Twisted Metal. Can't think of anything else.

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For me what I remember during my childhood, I've played Speed Punks a.k.a Speed Freaks on PS1 which is a Mario Kart clone.

In my opinion Speed Punks is a bland & boring kart racer plus I don't like it anymore. Also I think Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing are both much better than that!.

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I played that final fantasy imposter before the real deal Phantasy Star.

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I guess Time Splitters before Goldeneye 64

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I can’t really think of any to be honest.

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Duck Hunt before I went duck hunting with my dad.

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just recently. i played paladins and loved it on switch. so then decided to finally buy overwatch on PC.

umm... i like paladins better. graphics are worse but i find the gameplay much more enjoyable.

mostly because im "good" at paladins. but "meh" at overwatch.

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Thought about this really hard and couldn't come up with anything.. There should be something.. Hmmm..

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Played Torchlight and Titan Quest before playing Diablo.

Played Diablo III but that was nothing to write home about.

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@Litchie said:

Thought about this really hard and couldn't come up with anything.. There should be something.. Hmmm..

Seconded. lol

I'm sure I've played clones but not before playing the real thing. If so I have yet to think of one.

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Far cry primal before HZD

Identical games but one has metal prehistoric creatures

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Fallout before Wasteland