Classic JRPGs are dead * Classic RPGs are thriving on PC though

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JRPGs are dead. And the reason for that is that practically there is no good JRPGS releases anymore.

All good JRPGs still date SNES, PS and PS2 times. You go to the JRPGs top list, all top games are still the same classics. Nothing changed in the past 20 years or so. No good JRPGs have been produced since FF10 and FF12. The top 10 are sill led by Chrono Trigger, FF6, FF7 and FF9.

But on PC is a different picture. We have got Divinity 1/2, Pillars of Eternity 1/2, Mutant Year Zero, Baldurs Gate 3 is coming, and so on.

What are the main reasons of death of classic JRPGs?

1. Cliche stories about a small group of heroes fighting an evil empire

2. Linear story lines. Lack of choices.

3. Linear RPG leveling

4. Repetitive combat

5. The same cliched characters

6. Atrocious linear level designs

7. Lack of good loot. Loot just to match the level

8. Big chunk of a budget goes to the cutscenes

9. As a result low sales in general.

Why Baldurs Gate-like RPGs are reliving a new Renaissance on PC?

1. Mature story lines with multiple endings, choices affect story

2. Varied tactical gameplay

3. Multiple RPG classes and flexible builds invite experimentation and replayability

4. Darker, deeper and more interesting characters

5. Varied levels.

6. Loot became part of the gameplay. Introduced rare loot and epic items that affect stats and combat dramatically.

7. Lower budget as it doesn't rely on cutscenes, but most of the budget goes to the gameplay and story telling.

8. As a result decent sales on PC

Classic JRPGs are dead because Japanese developers couldn't evolve and adapt to the changing times. If you played a few classic JRPGs you basically played them all. That's the biggest problem of the genre.

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Yep. Even recent Fire Emblem borrowed very heavily from Trails of Cold Steel and Persona series. Very hard to innovate JRPG, which why I applaud Square for at least trying even though the results not positive.

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I've tried a lot of JRPG's in recent years after neglecting them for almost my entire life and, I am sorry, but I just don't see the appeal unless you're 10 years old or ultra nostalgic.

Let's take Dragon Quest 10 for example. This is supposed to be among the best JRPG's on offer at the moment, and it honestly plays like an N64 game or something. Bad music, laughable writing, a sickening "cutesy" vibe, and stale combat.

Let's go more mainstream with FF XV. What's the appeal there? Camping? Playing as a boy band? Disgusting voice acting and writing with "meh" story?

And while I do not count games like Dark Souls, Nioh, and so on as traditional JRPG's because they play more like action games with RPG elements (as opposed to RPG's with action elements--that'd be FFXIV btw in case you were wondering....)

"Western" RPG's (or Classic RPG's) on the other hand seem to be doing everything in spades lately. I mean, pick one! Seriously, it's probably better than most JRPG's.

Japanese developers need to innovate more imo, break the mold and make something significant gameplay-wise.

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They don't need to innovate to be good games. There have been a bunch of good ones released this gen.

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Classic Japanese RPG evolved to endure the Western MMO RPG with real time battle engagement and party management, and they're more sophisticated than World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, because it's an actual party that you're controlling instead of people online joining one. Classic Western RPG showed up to make up for the lack of real involvement of other characters in the story. They're thriving because they appeal to what people enjoyed about classic Japanese RPG.

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Dragon Quest 11 laughs at this thread.

Also are you aware, that pretty much all points you listed for Baldurs Gate are also true for Octopath traveler for example?

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Maybe you just don't like JRPG's? There are plenty of good ones.

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Most of the RPGs are coming from Europe and Asia. The real term is Eastern RPG.

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I'd hardly call them dead. I've played plenty of classic jrpgs this gen too. I love them for the most part. I've only played a handful of jrpgs that were "mehh..". I've had a tough time getting into Trails of Cold Steel, Sword Art Online and Blue Reflections. The rest I've enjoyed. Like: Persona 5 and Megadimension Neptunia VII.

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Digging a little deeper into the question...

1. Cliche stories about a small group of heroes fighting an evil empire. (I've only seen this trope copied once. It's more common among Western rpgs.)

2. Linear story lines. Lack of choices. (This was never actually an issue. Most jrpgs make up for that by giving you multiple endings.)

3. Linear RPG leveling (I don't know what to say to that. But linear leveling sure beats over complicated BS like FFXIII's level up system.)

4. Repetitive combat (Also never an issue. The fights might get repetitive but they've always been more about strategy than looking fun.)

5. The same cliched characters (The only developer who has been having a hard time making interesting characters is Square Enix.)

6. Atrocious linear level designs (I'd actually argue that jrpgs have much more creative worlds than the majority of Western rpgs. Western rpgs are usually bareboned in either the dark ages or some crazy version of the future.)

7. Lack of good loot. Loot just to match the level (Also not really an issue. The obsession of good loot is more of a Western thing but it always feels like a useless feature.)

8. Big chunk of a budget goes to the cutscenes (I've never seen any jrpg dev besides Square Enix waste a bunch of money on cutscenes. Most of what I've seen have very modest budgets.)

9. As a result low sales in general. (The low sales just comes down to the lack of general interest. Jrpg is mostly niche.)

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Legend of Heroes and YS are the tits.

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Pokemon main series games still selling like hotcakes. 🤷‍♀️

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Umm dragon quest 11, ni no kuno(1+2) and octopath kind of invalidates this thread... also this reads more as a blog than a thread for discussion..

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Blog it - or maybe general discussion?