Check in - How many of you are buying Borderlands 3 day 1?

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Posted by uninspiredcup (35051 posts) 1 month, 6 days ago

Poll: Check in - How many of you are buying Borderlands 3 day 1? (90 votes)

I am 16%
I am not 84%
Hello, I ripped off Akira Toriyama, don't tell anyone
Hello, I ripped off Akira Toriyama, don't tell anyone

Hello, how many of you are planning on getting Borderlands 3 at launch or near release?

Feel free to state an opinion.

Obviously i'm not, it looks shite.

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They sent goons to some mega fans house I'm not cool with that. Hard pass.

You treat your fans like some kind of criminal.

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Day 1... ...on Steam.

The OCD part of my brain tells me I have to keep games of the same franchise in the same place, so I have no choice but to wait 6 months.

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#3 Posted by enzyme36 (4274 posts) -

Was going to wait for the steam version... but I have lost interest all together. Shooting and looting is my jam too.

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Never played any Borderlands. They just seem like a big loot grind. Games like The Division and Destiny are more appealing to me, but I stop playing them when I reach endgame and have experienced all the content. I don't care about the loot.

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#5 Posted by Solaryellow (5171 posts) -

The general impressions seem interesting but I'm not quite certain of the meat & taters of the game.

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#6 Posted by TJDMHEM (2161 posts) -

I am not getting it.

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#7 Posted by HEATHEN75 (819 posts) -

I'm in. Got 3 friends ready to go. Always been big on Borderlands.

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#8 Posted by watercrack445 (1836 posts) -

Not day 1 but will buy it later or rent in a library or somewhere. Most likely the latter since I don't buy many games and I"m expecting to buy a lot of different other new games this fall and 2020.

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#10 Posted by Archangel3371 (28549 posts) -

Not day one but I wouldn’t mind getting it later on sometime as I really enjoyed the second game and this one looks pretty good. There’s just too many other games coming out in September that I want to get first.

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#11 Posted by blueinheaven (4580 posts) -

Not me. It looks like Borderlands 2 with the '2' scratched out and a 3 put in its place.

I like the art style up to a point but they haven't upgraded the graphics engine at all it makes me wonder honestly what have they been doing all these years?

I suppose a few new characters and some new loot are the big selling point. There was never any hint of a story to speak of in these games. Not to mention the CEO is a prize fucking dick and will put all the company profits in his own pocket.

Yeah, easy 'pass' for me.

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#12 Posted by HitmanActual (1036 posts) -

Day 1 for me. Love Borderlands.

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Depends on Denuvo

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Give money to the company that doomed Alien: Isolation's sales, one year after the awfully, immorally handled Colonial Marines? Hell no. Can you believe they actually used part of the funds Sega gave them for Colonial Marines towards their own Borderlands game, while outsourcing parts of CM? An awful company. I hope they burn.

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#15 Posted by Robbie23 (388 posts) -

I'm buying it once the full edition and all dlc is released.

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#16 Posted by AJStyles (1085 posts) -

I don’t know. I am still mad I bought “The Borderlands Handsome Collection” which I thought was all the games but it only had 2 out the 3 released for $20.

Then 2 weeks later it was free on PS+.


Although I had tons of fun with these games, I have no desire to ever pay full price for them. I don’t even want to pay $20 for Borderlands 3 because it will end up free the next month. lol

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#17 Posted by Spartan070 (16408 posts) -

100% yes, no question. I've already taken the 13th off work so I can soak in.

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I was so hype when it was announce and as the days goes by, Randy running his big fat mouth how and why they betrayed Steam, talks too much about his sex offender and overall, Borderlands 3 just looks like an expansion pack, hardly anything new. So yeah, I will not be buying it on launch and will wait for Steam version with GOTY Edition as well. Borderlands 2 is still fun to play.

Edit: And when I say GOTY, I'll wait 3 years for only $20 GOTY Edition on Steam!

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#19 Posted by djoffer (1457 posts) -

Nahh looks terrible

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#20 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10430 posts) -

I might get it once it is on Steam for a reduced price.

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#21 Posted by foxhound_fox (98036 posts) -

With all the controversies surrounding Gearbox these days, I don't feel comfortable giving them money at all. I was willing to wait for the Steam release anyways, but now I may just avoid it entirely.

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#22 Posted by pelvist (7450 posts) -

Nah. I don't think ill ever buy it. I didn't like BL2 and I don't really like Gearbox.

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#23 Posted by warmblur (3012 posts) -

@Randoggy said:


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#24 Posted by Fedor (5352 posts) -

Nope. I don't put money in Pedo Pitchfords wallet.

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No im not. it looks terrible. just another RPG loot shooter. waste of time.

seriously gearbox, Randy, where the hell is Authentic Brothers in arms you were making since 2015??????

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#26 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31608 posts) -

Even in co-op I failed to see much fun in the Borderlands games.

Don't have 1000s of guns in your game when they are all boring to shoot. I'd rather have 2 weapons if they are fun lol.

I'd take any single gun from Painkiller over every single one of the thousands of guns in Borderlands.

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#27 Posted by jg4xchamp (61799 posts) -

Loot games are trash so no thanks.

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#28 Posted by uninspiredcup (35051 posts) -

@ghosts4ever said:

No im not. it looks terrible. just another RPG loot shooter. waste of time.

seriously gearbox, Randy, where the hell is Authentic Brothers in arms you were making since 2015??????

Randy Pitchford will be in jail by the time this game comes out.

He will literally be in a brothers arms.

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#29 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6900 posts) -

Never ever..... Will Papa Randy send some goons over to my house too?

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#30 Posted by with_teeth26 (9625 posts) -

yea i'm getting it on release. on the Epic store.

Borderlands is still the only series that makes the loot interesting, not just a million versions of what is effectively the same gun with slightly different stats. they actually randomise the guns themselves. and have some decent enemy variety.

I also enjoy the irreverent tone. BL2 was legitimately funny. the others... not so much. we'll see how 3 stacks up.

mainly getting to play with friends but I expect i'll enjoy it.

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#31 Posted by pmanden (736 posts) -

@uninspiredcup: I hardly ever buy any games on day 1, but it's very likely that I will buy Borderlands 3 within a year or so.

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#32 Posted by SOedipus (11580 posts) -

lol, no.

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#33 Posted by glez13 (9937 posts) -

Every now and then I like to get into looting but it's not really my thing, so I will wait and see how good the game is.

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Nope. Looks like Borderlands 2 DLC, and I'm quite sick of Borderlands and its never-change attitude.

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#35 Posted by lamprey263 (36209 posts) -

Until Gearbox finances their own Colonial Marines redemption do-over and gives Sega their cut, I'll pass on anything Gearbox does while that con artist Randy Pitchford is running the show.

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#36 Posted by WitIsWisdom (5368 posts) -

Meh... perhaps when it hits $20-$30 I'll pick it up... maybe.

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I'd have to play it on my own. I played 1 and 2 on my own but it got pretty boring. And I was hoping to see them implement lots of things in 3 for solo players. Like AI companions that work really well and that you can 'program'/order around. But that doesn't seem to be happening.

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#38 Posted by Sevenizz (4071 posts) -

I thought it came and went already.

Not on my radar. But I liked the trailer music.

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#39 Posted by rrjim1 (1752 posts) -

Looking forward to playing another great Borderlands game.

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Take2 can go **** themselves.

I don't know why publishers are having a competition to see who can do the most shitty thing.

Then you have the spastic that runs Gearbox...

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#41 Posted by magmadragoonx4 (662 posts) -

I know about the controversy related to the epic game store. I dont PC game except for the exclusives lately.

I know about the youtuber investigation but if you see inside gaming's youtube video on it they clearly weren't the only ones doing something wrong.

I will be getting this day one on my Xbox One X. I have actually recently played through Borderlands 1 and The Presequel and am currently play Borderlands 2 in anticipation.

I am very hyped but honestly more hyped for more Destiny 2 DLC.

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#42 Posted by pixieValerie (21 posts) -

A friend wants me to get it, but probably not. Other stuff I'd rather get first.

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#43 Posted by Zidaneski (8854 posts) -

Preordered collector’s edition for PS4. Hopefully my buddy is able to get the game in time as well. Last good co-op game we played was nioh.

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It's sort of on my radar, but I'll probably wait a fair bit first and get is discounted. I played bl2 single player which was okay.

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#45 Posted by Phreek300 (664 posts) -

Nope, a few reasons. 1. The DLC will be bundled later. 2. The tactics 2K are using by going to people houses and strong arming them is just sad. Do not give them money for bad behavior and re-enforce their bad behavior. These companies need to be checked like they should be. We pay your salaries. Stop acting like the dang mafia...

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#46 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31608 posts) -

@jg4xchamp said:

Loot games are trash so no thanks.

What about Diablo/Torchlight/Grim Dawn/Path of Exile?

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#47 Posted by jg4xchamp (61799 posts) -

@R4gn4r0k: I despise Diablo.

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#48 Posted by Xabiss (2896 posts) -

Day one!

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#49 Posted by pyro1245 (5264 posts) -

I'm not going to grab it on EGS. Reasons:

  • I don't want to support Epic
  • I don't want to support Gearbox
  • I won't have any friends to play it with on EGS
  • If it's like the other BL games there will be a stupid amount of DLC and I'd rather just wait for a complete edition
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I keep buying the Borderlands games thinking they're going to be as fun as people say they are, but I spend some time with them and I honestly think they are some of the dumbest games I have ever played.

They're funny, on occasion--and that humor is outweighed by general annoyance--but that's about the extent of it.

So no, I won't be buying it day 1. Or ever. Unless it's on sale within a year or two for 15 dollars.