Can console only players tell the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps??

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#1 Posted by Bond007uk (916 posts) -

Okay, so I haven't created a topic on here in a long, long time. Please be gentle!

So here it is, the great debate, probably be asked about on these haloed forums again and again.

I'll admit getting more into PC games now having recently built a new PC, I'm noticing it more when I play on my Xbox One X or the Switch. Take RDR 2 for example, it feels fine in third person, but in first person that 33ms latency doesn't feel great. So much so, playing in first person on that game just won't cut it anymore. But like I said, third person is great, no complaints at all.

Its really annoying when a console game can't maintain its target frame rate. Take Fallout 4, as soon as you hit a dense forest the FPS tanks, It's not 30 fps anymore and you can really feel the latency in input. This happens on the original Xbox, the PS4 pro (which I used to own) and the One X. So I now play that game on my PC, at a lovely silky smooth 60 fps. Okay, so I'm not targeting 4K, but 60 fps 1080P beats 4K 30 in first person mode all day, no question.

So what about you? Can you play happily any game at 30 fps, first person or third person?

Of course, PC only enthusiasts will say any game running at 30 fps is unplayable!

Okay, so I'm done here for now.

(Scurries behind the sofa to hide)

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#2 Posted by freedomfreak (51140 posts) -


Although I know people that say it just looks sped up.

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#4 Posted by Archangel3371 (27558 posts) -

I’m sure that I can tell the difference but quite honestly it’s not something that I really think about at all. As long as it’s fairly steady I can enjoy a game running at 30fps just fine.

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#5 Posted by uninspiredcup (32745 posts) -

@Archangel3371 said:

I’m sure that I can tell the difference but quite honestly it’s not something that I really think about at all. As long as it’s fairly steady I can enjoy a game running at 30fps just fine.

Notice it in a fighting game, not hard to miss.

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#6 Edited by DaVillain- (35999 posts) -

It's not an opinion, it's a fact. The only people who can't tell the difference have legitimate eyesight issues. This is one of those things (30fps vs 60fps) that just needs to really go away. If people literally can't see the difference, then they either have 1-something wrong with their eyes & 2-their brain is incapable of registering the difference. (brain damage or they are so thick that they can't tell the difference between two videos)

There is no discussion on the matter! There is a real and important difference that can be seen by people whether it "bothers them" or not and the problem with asking the console boards is that they want raw graphics over framerate and the developers know it. I know there are a few titles that support 60fps on current-gen consoles but they aren't the most popular choices right now.

With all that said, yes, I can the difference, if my games drops past 45fps, it bothers me quite a bit and I'll do whatever it takes to maintain 60fps+

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#7 Posted by Archangel3371 (27558 posts) -

@uninspiredcup: Yep, I’m sure I do but it’s just not something that I’m always thinking about when I play games unless it’s something that’s horrendously unstable or something.

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#8 Edited by BassMan (10027 posts) -

It saddens me that we are still even having this discussion in 2019. 30fps needs to die and 60fps needs to become the minimum standard for all gamers.

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#9 Posted by True_Link (243 posts) -

lol. PC fannies are way too insecure lately, what is going on?

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#11 Edited by Bond007uk (916 posts) -

I did some experiments a few days ago on my PC with Rise of the Tomb Raider. I played for a while in 60 fps, it's great. Then, with the game still open, locked the FPS to 30 with Riva Tuner and halved the refresh rate to get that 'close to console' experience.

Well, its still playable, and I could theoretically play all the way through with this. But, after playing for about 30 mins with these settings, I changed it back to 60 fps and a full refresh rate. No, its clear, the difference is 'night and day'.

I'm not why RDR2 feels smooth in at 30 fps on the Xbox One though. Well it does in third person anyway, not first person though.

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#12 Posted by Random_Matt (3936 posts) -

Even 60 isn't that great anymore.

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#13 Posted by Renegade_Fury (20500 posts) -

I can adjust to 30 fps, but there's a giant ass difference. As a third person example, in the PC version of Yakuza 0, I was playing around 120 fps which makes it disappointing whenever I have to go back to 60 or 30 fps in the newer games on PS4.

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#14 Posted by PCgameruk (2269 posts) -

No problem, disgusting motion blur hides all.

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#15 Posted by Bond007uk (916 posts) -

@Renegade_Fury said:

I can adjust to 30 fps, but there's a giant ass difference. As a third person example, in the PC version of Yakuza 0, I was playing around 120 fps which makes it disappointing whenever I have to go back to 60 or 30 fps in the newer games on PS4.

Yeah, I guess when you've seen something running that smooth it's hard to 'unsee it' again lol.

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#16 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6673 posts) -

It's specially worse when playing bloodborne.

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@Archangel3371 said:

I’m sure that I can tell the difference but quite honestly it’s not something that I really think about at all. As long as it’s fairly steady I can enjoy a game running at 30fps just fine.

Yeah same. Obviously I'd prefer 60fps (and I think that'll be the target for the next consoles), but if a game is a rock solid 30fps, I'm ok with that. It depends on the game too but (racing games I like to be 60fps).

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#18 Posted by GoldenElementXL (2991 posts) -

I'm more curious about 1800p vs 2160p. You can't use any reconstruction in the comparison though, because checkboard artifacts make the difference VERY obvious. But at normal couch sitting distance, I wonder if native 4K really matters...

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#19 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2306 posts) -

@Archangel3371 said:

I’m sure that I can tell the difference but quite honestly it’s not something that I really think about at all. As long as it’s fairly steady I can enjoy a game running at 30fps just fine.

Pretty much this. Only time fps become noticeable is when a lot starts happening on screen. The last time I had a serious framerate drop was Skyrim on PS3 during the huge battle to take Whiterun.

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#20 Posted by WTBG (26 posts) -

The vast majority of my time has been spent playing on console and i’m honestly baffled when fellow console players say they can’t tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps. That said, there are lots of other factors that go into making a game feel good, especially in first person. For instance, Destiny and RDR2 are both 30fps games but the difference is night and day.

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#21 Posted by Fedor (4599 posts) -

30 fps gives that realistic walking through mud feel.

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#22 Edited by judaspete (2904 posts) -

I can definitely notice the difference and am always happy when a game has a solid 60fps, but in most cases it doesn't hurt the experience for me. I even liked the PS3 version of Bayonetta more than God of War 3 despite it's terrible framerate.

My tolerance may come from growing up in the 90's :)

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#23 Posted by TheEroica (18384 posts) -

Yes.... But also, I've never really cared.

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#24 Posted by DonaId (96 posts) -

30 FPS is superior as it is closer to the 25 FPS film gold standard. Life moves at 25 FPS and anything above it is unnaturally fluid... like rubbing butter in your eyes.

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#25 Posted by Raining51 (804 posts) -

I honestly don't know I honestly am not sure what I'ms eeing a lot of the time when I'm playing games.

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#26 Posted by sovkhan (1260 posts) -

To notice the difference is one thing.

To care about it is another.

I don't care and i can play both with no problem!!!

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#27 Posted by Raining51 (804 posts) -

Anyway I'm u just throwing stuff out there I don't honestly know why this became a thing as I believ we I mentioend in some other post.l

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#28 Posted by pyro1245 (4918 posts) -

There are two types of game developers:

  • Those who care about the performance of their games and make 60 fps an option
  • Those who are told by their publishers to make it pretty and target 30 fps
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#29 Posted by I_P_Daily (11390 posts) -

So we have a payed online & this thread on the first page from hermits, yet notice no threads from console gamers caring about PC lol.

You guys in a game drought or something (I don't take any notice of PC) and have nothing else to talk about except console king gamers? you poor peasants :(

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#30 Edited by lundy86_4 (52637 posts) -

I play on PC and consoles, and the difference is easy to see. Consistent frame-timing is also important.

If all this is true, this guy seems pretty new to PC gaming.

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#31 Posted by True_Link (243 posts) -

@pyro1245: lol, do you work on the industry or something to make this claim?

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#32 Posted by deactivated-5cab66ac558b0 (78 posts) -

i wish every game was 60 fps, but some game sure can run well at 30fps. Horizon zero dawn comes to mind.

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#33 Posted by nepu7supastar7 (5057 posts) -


I can tell the difference. Like Last of Us on ps3 (30fps) and ps4 (60fps) Or Uncharted Nathane Drake Collection and the ps3 versions. 60 fps is better but as someone who doesn't care about specs, it doesn't really matter.

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#34 Posted by sakaiXx (5299 posts) -

As someone with a game pc, I dont really mind the 30fps ps4 exclusives, because games like uncharted 4 and horizon zero dawn feels really good to play even on 30fps cap. Bloodborne has some ret*rded slowdowns and stutters sometimes but I enjoyed it immensely.

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#35 Edited by SuperfluousReal (224 posts) -

I can't even play properly on 60FPS let alone 30 if it's a competitive game, 120FPS minimum.

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#36 Posted by AJStyles (736 posts) -

I can tell the difference, but I have no issues playing 30fps or 60fps games. I am happy with either.

I don’t know why PC gamers are so angry all the time when their games hit 59.9fps and they have meltdowns over it.

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#37 Edited by XVision84 (15783 posts) -

Huge difference for me, especially since I've become used to 120-144 fps. 30 fps is not unplayable but it definitely takes adjusting to when I play console exclusives.

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#38 Edited by VFighter (4792 posts) -

Can I notice a difference, of course. Do I normally care, nope. Take Destiny 1 and 2, both 30 fps yet still the best feeling shooter on consoles.

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#39 Edited by speedytimsi (925 posts) -

Depends if it's steady. If it's steady 30fps I do notice it but barely affects me. Tried to play Fallout 4 and I had to switch to PC quick.

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#40 Edited by WitIsWisdom (5158 posts) -

I would prefer all games to be 60 fps or higher. Yes, it is noticeable, especially if your internet is slower. On that note, it doesn't bother me all that much. On a game where I am restricted to 30 fps on console... well, so is everyone else on that console. If it's fun and it works then I'm cool with it. Given the option though.. yeah, it's a no brainer.

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#41 Posted by jahnee (3983 posts) -

I don't think the question should be if it's noticeable, but if it's mandatory. Remember the controller plays and navigates a game at a very different pace than a mouse and keyboard do. Twitch shots or 180 degree split second spins are rare on a controller. In such situations higher fps are mandatory. On a controller, most single player and slow paced games play fine at 30fps. I had no problem finishing Metro Exodus ,despite the input lag mind you, at 30fps on console. Frame pacing is so much more important than FPS. 60fps for online multiplayer shooters are definitely a must, there is no doubt a competitive game needs at least 60fps to feel intuitive.

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#42 Posted by Dark_sageX (3384 posts) -

They easily can, they just don't want to acknowledge it lol, they will pretend that it doesn't matter to them until they get a game at 60fps, THEN it will all of a sudden become a selling point, some times fanboys even go as far as to say 30fps is BETTER than 60fps.

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#43 Posted by Pixel_Mage (67 posts) -

I can see the difference, but it's not something that even crosses my mind while playing a game. There's no tangible difference beyond looking a little better. It makes no sense to me when people say that 30fps has so much latency/input lag, because I've never had that problem. I don't know how these people even manage to react in 1/60th of a second compared to 1/30th, and I've certainly never played a game where that 1/60th of a second is the difference between success and failure.

How a game feels has a lot more to do with the general quality of the game than the framerate. There are plenty of 30fps games that "feel" better than certain 60fps games.

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#44 Posted by lamprey263 (36040 posts) -

30fps will stick around as long as it gives devs an edge to make games look better

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#45 Posted by Fairmonkey (1463 posts) -

It is literally night and day for me difference. I usually hit over 120fps on PC. 30fps is absolutely unacceptable for me. I cringe and get headaches from it. I watched my cousin play PUBG on xbone and literally had to stop watching after 2 minutes

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#46 Posted by br0kenrabbit (15939 posts) -

I visited Europe and was very aware of the lights flickering at 50hz. The locals didn't notice a thing.

I guess it's just whatever you're used to. That said, it's hard to go back to 60hz/fps once you see the 120hz light.

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#47 Posted by mojito1988 (3530 posts) -

I cannot tell at all but it is because my eyes are trash.

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#48 Posted by Ant_17 (12093 posts) -

I have no clue if a game is 30 or 60,all I can see is the drop.

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#49 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (6256 posts) -

@tom-pepper said:

The biggest difference i have noticed on the xb1x is between the witcher 3's visuals and performance mode...that said,i did'nt buy an expensive 4ktv to play at i stuck to the visual mode

Plus most driving games,sport games and CoD\BF games are 60fps on console,and they are some of the most popular games on any platform.

This is where enhanced consoles should have a few more options in games not hitting 60fps by allowing the dropping of res to say 1800/1400/ 60fps if they wanted.

Well the X1X had to drop to 1080p to get Forza Horizon 4 to run at 60FPS.

The current consoles even the Pro and X1X are heavily CPU bottlenecked that 60FPS is more of a challenge than 4K is and some games lowering resolution doesn't help much. The X1X and Pro... Well consoles in general are biting more than they can chew its why most games are 30FPS and future games on CONSOLES will be mostly 30FPS because of what you just said, people want graphics over performance and you literally need something like a high end PC to get the best of both worlds OR the Google Stadia thing that will have 10.7TFLOPS that can be stacked to get you the 4K/60 while not sacrificing on visuals.