BoneTown...Wait, What?

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The porn industry is making a

 "American-based developers D-Dub Software are currently working on a game called BoneTown. And for those of you who laugh at the title, immediately relating it to any number of sexual innuendos, you are in fact correct. BoneTown is indeed a game that is very much aimed at adult gamers as it allows players to not only get up to some free-roaming mayhem, but also have some rather graphic sex as well as take some pretty interesting drugs."

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okay so its a new leisure suit larry pretty much...i could care less lol. But 12 year olds will love the game! haha
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Finally, some playable porn!
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I dont they LSL ever let you have sex on the street with a prositiute, lol, though i could be wrong seeing as I never played one.
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The porn industry has made full retail games in the past. See Playboy: The Mansion.
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Finally, some playable porn!DragonfireXZ95
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Judging from the graphics, this will be a DS game.
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It will be a 360 exclusive, and with all the 11 and 12 year olds in xbox live it will sell 2 million in it first week.:lol:
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I thought none of the console companies allowed AO games. Isn't that what happened with Manhunt 2?
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Man judging from those graphics its going to be another wii shovelware title :P
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I thought none of the console companies allowed AO games. Isn't that what happened with Manhunt 2? Tylendal
AO games are allowed. the problem isnt console companies, its each countries' rating board :P
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AAAA GOTY on every website Quote me.