BIOWARE VS CD PROJECKT RED, who are better rpg devs? ...

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#1 Edited by indzman (27735 posts) -

Team Bioware. No Witcher games stands in the way of KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate, Jade Empire, Dragon Age Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy ... imo. Not even Cyberpunk 2077 can outmatch Mass Effect Andromeda by gameplay.


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#2 Posted by Dakur (3275 posts) -

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

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#3 Edited by Litchie (24148 posts) -

BioWare are pretty good at what they do, but I just don't like their games. They feel dull to me. I'm not that big on Witcher either, to be honest. But I'd rather play Witcher than Mass Effect. And I'm way more interested in Cyberpunk 2077 than Andromeda.

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#4 Edited by Telekill (8553 posts) -

I prefer SciFi settings and love Mass Effect so I'm going with them.

That said CD Projekt is an excellent developer and I really enjoyed Witcher 3 and look forward to their next game. They are also the only developer I've seen add a thank you note in each copy of the game. Kudos.

For a fair comparison, let's wait and see what they do with Cyberpunk. Scifi vs Scifi.

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#5 Edited by the_master_race (4622 posts) -

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

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#6 Posted by nishanth12 (640 posts) -
@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

Well said

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#7 Posted by SecretPolice (35358 posts) -

Bioware has a Mass Effect on ME. :P

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#8 Posted by AnthonyAutumns (1687 posts) -

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware


However that could change depending on how Andromeda plays out.

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#9 Posted by Howmakewood (5952 posts) -

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

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#11 Posted by sts106mat (24888 posts) -

They are both awesome at what they do.

Stupid idea to compare them.

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#12 Edited by uninspiredcup (34379 posts) -

Bioware can design a game to work with WASD properly.

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#13 Posted by Pedro (35472 posts) -

Bioware has designed more games of varying themes than CD Projeckt. The comparison purely base on their portfolio is silly because they are not on equal footing.

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#14 Posted by Ghosts4ever (10300 posts) -

both are overrated but CDPR are better. even tought witcher 3 is one of the most overrated game in recent memories but mass effect and dragon age games are AWFUL!! really bad.

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#15 Posted by Howmakewood (5952 posts) -

@uninspiredcup said:

Bioware can design a game to work with WASD properly.

well they sure are trying hard to forget how to, I'm still insulted by Inquisition ui

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#16 Posted by Flubbbs (4968 posts) -

CD Projekt Red took the crown from Bioware years ago when Bioware started the social justice pandering and you can see it in the quality of their games from the last few years. Mass Effect Andromeda is still an unknown for me and if its anything like the dog shit Dragon Age Inquisition was then i dont even wanna play it. CDPR has improved with each release and ended The Witcher trilogy with, in my opinion, one of the best games of this decade and I have no doubt Cyberpunk will deliver.

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#17 Edited by uninspiredcup (34379 posts) -

@howmakewood said:
@uninspiredcup said:

Bioware can design a game to work with WASD properly.

well they sure are trying hard to forget how to, I'm still insulted by Inquisition ui

I've never played this video game as it quickly became apparent before 2 was released they had ditched pc in favor of an action oriented console title. Dragon Age itself wasn't that great, just loaded with content, and at that time, no new CRPG's existed, so it got propped more than it should have.

Still, Witcher 3 controls, given how much CDP have pimped PC as the end of all ends was shameful. Alot of pc users try to defend it because they wuv them so, rather than objectively acknowledging they are shit.

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#18 Posted by Howmakewood (5952 posts) -

@uninspiredcup: It's better than 2 no doubt, but you should see the UI it literally makes fun of you, but ye I played Witcher 3 with both kb+m and controller, ended up still liking kb+m more because of how much easier signs etc are to use, still could be better..

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#19 Edited by Maroxad (15272 posts) -

I dislike both at the moment.

But BioWare did make Baldur's Gate 2 and an amazing toolset with NWN.

CD Projekt Red's latest game represents everything wrong with the RPG genre at the moment as far as I am concerned. At least the dlc policy is great but... not touching any of their future products with a 10 foot pole, unless there are radical changes made over W3. Pure unadulterated cancer.

All in all, a prevoius user said my opinion the best.

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

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#20 Edited by Cloud_imperium (14923 posts) -

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj >>>>> Current Bioware


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#21 Posted by pyro1245 (5158 posts) -

Well there was a time when I would have said BioWare is my favorite Dev; that was a long time ago. The big F.U. that was Dragon Age: Inquisition put the nail in the coffin. Now I don't even care what they do. The BioWare that made all the games I love is dead.

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#22 Posted by Creepywelps (2964 posts) -

Cdpr, and it's not even close at this point.

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#23 Posted by WreckEm711 (7357 posts) -

BioWare easily... Witcher 3 really isn't very good. The story sucks, the combat sucks, but the world is really nice.

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#24 Posted by Snowywonders (115 posts) -

A lot of da:i hate in here lol. For those who did not like it, I recommend trying it with the tresspasser dlc at least, it brings nice changes to the gameplay.

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#25 Posted by milannoir (1663 posts) -

Nowadays? CD Projekt Red

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#26 Posted by pelvist (7426 posts) -

Bioware games of today all seem like the same recycled game. All of them have to include cheesy characters with cringeworthy backstories, placed in the game for diversities role.

I kind of enjoyed Mass Effect and DAO, but I very much prefer the characters and lore of The Witcher series.

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#27 Posted by QuadKnight (12916 posts) -

I can't compare them. They are both stellar devs.

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#28 Posted by PAL360 (29605 posts) -

Mass Effect 1 is one of my favourite games of all time, but so is The Witcher 3.

At this point i would go with CDPR. I love the fact they don't have any pressure from publishers and are up to develop a game for 5 years, if that means quality.

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#29 Posted by Pikminmaniac (11372 posts) -

I haven't played a game from either, but from what I've heard, CD Project Red is what Bioware should have become. instead, they've devolved/simplified.

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#30 Edited by milannoir (1663 posts) -

I think Cyberpunk 2077 will be the ultimate test for CD Projekt Red. They've made a great use of their source material with the Witcher novels; if they can pull off another masterpiece in a completely different setting, they will stand high above all the others.

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#31 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (19165 posts) -

Man that's tough... I'd probably give the edge to Bioware because they've made slightly more games I've loved (ME series, KOTOR, Jade Empire).

But Witcher 3 I'd probably rank higher than any single Bioware game.

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#32 Posted by coasterguy65 (7133 posts) -

CDPR is probably the better true RPG developer. Still I will admit I've had way more fun with Bioware games over the years.

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#33 Edited by Jag85 (13596 posts) -

While I enjoyed Witcher more than BioWare's stuff, I'd have to go with BioWare. CDPR doesn't have the kind of legacy that BioWare has, spanning multiple series and decades.

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#34 Posted by silversix_ (26347 posts) -

Current Bioware is great at disappointing so CDPR is easily a better dev.

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#35 Posted by mems_1224 (56917 posts) -

witcher 3 wins in the animation department but i think bioware has way more interesting worlds, characters and lore.

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#36 Posted by worknow222 (1813 posts) -

CD project red, while I love bioware, they have just a lot of there soul, and to me CD project red have made better games and given better content

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#37 Posted by BassMan (10572 posts) -

Both are amazing developers and I am happy to award them a tie.

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#38 Posted by deactivated-5a44ec138c1e6 (2638 posts) -

I enjoyed The Witcher 3 immensely. I'm gonna have to go with CDPR. For now.

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#39 Posted by The_Stand_In (1070 posts) -

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

First post nailed it.

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#40 Posted by navyguy21 (15252 posts) -

@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

This is what i came to post.

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#41 Posted by DrRollinstein (1158 posts) -

CDProj. Easily. Dragon Age and Inquisition are good. Mass effect isnt my thing, Didnt play a lot of their older stuff. And witcher 3 is one of my favorite games ever, and theyre great with DLC. Cyberpunk hype.

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#42 Posted by Ballroompirate (26014 posts) -

Overall, have to go with Bioware.

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#43 Posted by robokill (1392 posts) -

Bioware, CDPR makes interactive movies and bad walking simulators, no Geralt over there, no I mean by the ladder, no not that fencepost the ladder you dumb shit.

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#44 Edited by mjorh (6745 posts) -

Bioware it is , and it's not a good comparison, Bioware is an old dev hence made a lotta games with some of them being masterpiece !

As for CDPR, TW3 is a masterpiece, TW2 is a great game and i haven't played the first one, so obviously they lag behind.

@howmakewood said:
@dakur said:

Old Bioware > CD Proj > Current Bioware

"Current" and "Old" are so general, how do you define them?

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#45 Posted by Renegade_Fury (20644 posts) -

CDPR. BioWare lost their magic.

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#46 Posted by Dakur (3275 posts) -

@mjorh said:

"Current" and "Old" are so general, how do you define them?

I would say 90s Bioware was the best Bioware. It wasn't so good for me after 2000 but it was with the acquisition by EA that the old Bioware ceased to exist for me. I still enjoy their games but you don't feel the same love and passion behind them. Basically it mostly became a big soulless studio. I still feel some magic behind CD Projekt offerings that I don't sense with Bioware games.

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#47 Posted by cainetao11 (36718 posts) -

That's like me wondering who's the better Quarter Back? Montana or Brady? Both are better than I ever could be so who cares? Play games

(Montana is still the best ever. He didn't need 6 trips to the Bowl to get 3 MVPs and 4 rings)

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#48 Posted by N64DD (11968 posts) -

Bethesda > all of them.

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#49 Edited by thepclovingguy (2059 posts) -

CD project hasn't disappointed me yet, however; Bioware has.

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#50 Posted by thepclovingguy (2059 posts) -

@n64dd said:

Bethesda > all of them.

Sorry, but you got to be joking, I wouldn't even touch Bethesda RPGs if it weren't for mods.