Best system at launch? Best system by E3 2014?

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We all have opinions about which is the best system to get at launch between the Xbone and the PS4 and I would love to hear those. But, I'd also love to hear what your opinions are as to which system will be standing tallest by E3 2014?

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Best system in the short term is probably the X1 because it has a better selection of games and more features.

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PS4, seeing as infamous second son will be out before e3

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Well looking at the launch window, the X1 is ahead. Even looking through what has been announced through 2014, the X1 still seems to be in the lead game wise. E3 in 2014 will likely be highlighted by Halo 5 for X1

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Xbox One, and Xbox One. PS4 2015 onwards, maybe.

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Which one has inFamous on it?

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PlayStation consoles have always had very weak starts during the beginning of new generations and the PS4 looks like it will continue that trend, so the Xbox One definitely looks like the better console for the short term. It has better announced games and a lot more features.

I don't see PS4 getting good until at least 2015 which is about the time that we will hopefully get a new Naughty Dog game.

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PS4 looks like it'll be the best throughout this generation, especially if it's 1080/60fps with most of it's games.

People say XB1 tools will get better... but so will the PS4's. So, the XB1 will always be playing catch-up.

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@danabo said:

Xbox One, and Xbox One. PS4 2015 onwards, maybe.

Yep. X1 will still be huge at E32014. Halo 5 news alone will be massive.

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PS4 for me. An d I have a feeling Sony will have an awesome E3. Hopefully Naughty Gods new game is there.