Best Microsoft CEO candidate?

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3948 posts) 4 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Best Microsoft CEO candidate? (13 votes)

Satya Nadella(Cloud, Technology) 31%
Tony Bates(Skype) 15%
Stephen Elop(Nokia, Mobiles) 54%

Satya Nadella:

*Cloud is important

*Technology is future

*Xbox stays

Tony Bates:


*Kinect is great.

*Online/Activity is important

Stephen Elop:

*Selling Bing

*Selling Xbox

*Even more mobile

*Focus on Office

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stop making threads

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Elop will probably make MS a more profitable company by taking them back to their roots, software. The devices vision clearly isn't working out for them, especially the money pits that are bing and Xbox. Elop gets my vote.

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None of the above.

Cause those are all old people who only want to stay rich to keep going to their country club, not rebels that actually love technology and video games.

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The one who wants to get rid of the Xbox division. So Elop

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The one, the only, Saint Stephen Elop.

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tom mcshea, so we can say the xbox was mcshea'd

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FreedomFreeLife. So we don't see him around here making crappy threads.

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@lostrib said:

stop making threads


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@mrintro said:

tom mcshea, so we can say the xbox was mcshea'd

this is the funniest thing in 2014 on System Wars.Even the mods have to agree.

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They already announced the CEO it's Satya also who cares also stop making threads!

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Nice zombie thread revival @Ratchet_Fan8,but if you want to post about this topic please create a new thread about this topic or talk about this topic in your blog.