Best and worst Final Fantasy in your opinion?

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Played only FF6 and FF7

Best: FF6

Worst: FF7. Took me away from the series.

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Don't really know, none of them are great. IX and X the better ones maybe.

Actually, XII is pretty shit imo, actually an example of a movie game, even the combat you just sit and watch.

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#4 Posted by Calvincfb (0 posts) -

Best: tie between VII and IX.

Worst: It's a tie between II, III and XV.

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Best: FF8 (but I love FF7 just about as much)

Worst: Dunno. I've liked/loved them all in one way or another.

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Best: FFIX

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Best: FF7 with the Beacause retranslation patch and my custom 7th Heaven Mod config + Crisis Core (not just the best FF, but the greatest piece of media ever created)

Worst: FF5. FF5 is offensively bad.

PS, FF2 is the most underrated FF. It's my favorite out of the OG FF's (1-5)

PSS, FF4 is the most overrated. It's great until you realize every "sacrifice" is complete bullshit, and they lose all their impact

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Best: VI followed by IX

Worst: XV

*of the FF's that i've played.

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Best: Final Fantasy X or VIII

Worst: Final Fantasy X-2 or Type-0

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15, 13 and 12 were probably the worst games in the series.

I have my favorites. But I think it would be great if the series got away from awful JPop realism, action-rpg gameplay, and the post-Tactics Ivalice with goofy character races and shirtless men.

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I'm surprised to see 12 being ranked as the worst. I thought it was incredible... The second best FF imo

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Amazing: 4-10

Average: 12/13/15

Trash: 1-3/11/14.

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TC, you seem to like to list things. Why not explain your choice?

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Played 7, hated it.

Played 8, worst protagonist ever.

Realm Reborn, everyone likable, have a cup of tea and wack things.

Very gud.

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@valgaav_219 said:

Best: Final Fantasy X or VIII

Worst: Final Fantasy X-2 or Type-0

Are you ok?

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@Ant_17: Hell yea I'm okay. What parts of my post do you disagree with?

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Best - Final Fantasy VII, my favourite game of all time and its not even close.

Worst - Final Fantasy XIII - little exploration corridors every were, dull battle system terrible characters, boring and confusing plot.

They should have put the final fantasy badge on Lost Odyessy instead.

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#18 Posted by omegaMaster (1310 posts) -

Best: 8 and 10

Worst: 13

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@valgaav_219 said:

@Ant_17: Hell yea I'm okay. What parts of my post do you disagree with?

Type 0. What's wrong with it? It's a great game.

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@Ant_17: I couldn't get into it. In all honesty I probably only played for about an hour then formulated an opinion. I own it so I'll play it again and beat it eventually. Imo it felt like some type of military simulator and not a Final Fantasy game. It just wasn't what I was expecting.

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#21 Posted by Ant_17 (12737 posts) -

@valgaav_219: Dude, game is fun.

Give it a second chance. The combat and mechanics make it fun.

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#22 Posted by BoxRekt (2004 posts) -

FFXII was best IMO.

Seems like most here haven't actually played it or my tastes are just vastly different.

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Tough call. For me 6, 7, 8, and 10 are all right up at the top of my Final Fantasy list. I’ll just go ahead and pick 6 as my favourite for this thread.

For least favourite I’d probably go with Final Fantasy Legend or Mystic Quest. Still enjoyed those anyway though but they are my least favourite FF games.

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This is just my opinion but i prefer the 16bit rpgs. On psx things didnt get too out of hand, but for me the overly cinematic ones take away from the players imagination.

Id say my favorite one would be 9. It more resembles the art direction of the snes ones. I got deep into that one but some life stuff came up so i wasnt able to finish it.

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#25 Posted by SOedipus (11549 posts) -

Best: IX

Worst: VIII

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#26 Posted by Fedor (5269 posts) -

Best: VII

Worst: XIII

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Best: FFIX (also my all time favorite game)

Worst: XIII Saga and, narratively, X-2

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Trick question.

They’re all bad.

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Including spin off? Damn there is a lot of terrible spin off that I can think off like the mobile games but, I will not do that.

Best FF: FF12

Worst FF: FF13

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#31 Posted by Robbie23 (381 posts) -

Best was 10 and worst was 13

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#32 Posted by Litchie (24140 posts) -

Don't like the series, but enjoyed Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube a lot.

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#33 Posted by blamix (863 posts) -

Best - FF8

Worst - FF13-2

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#34 Posted by glez13 (9932 posts) -

Best: VI

Worst: XIII

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#35 Posted by mojito1988 (3672 posts) -

Best: 4

Worst: 3 way tie: 8,13,15

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Best: X

Worst of the main series: XIII by a country mile.

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#37 Posted by BaelNergal (570 posts) -

Best- FFVI

Worst - FFVIII

VI had the first time I've seen an epic video game where the heroes fail to save the world and then have to pick up the pieces and deal with the results of that failure. VIII was just an epic mess from beginning to end.

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#38 Posted by adsparky (1437 posts) -

Best is 6 although my favorite is 9

As for the worst it is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

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#39 Posted by Kali-B1rd (2242 posts) -

BEST - FF7 or FF14

Worst - FF13 ..... hands down.

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#40 Posted by pmanden (688 posts) -

Best : 5

Worst : X2 (the sequel to 10)

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A bit late, just seen this thread...

Best: FF7, for its time it was just unbelievable. FFXIII a close second, (yes, really).

Worst: FFXV and it's not even close. The most awful characters in an FF game ever, and good God that stupid car...

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@carljohnsoncj: Havent played Dirge, so cant comment on it, but I would take FFVI as best, and FF13 as worst.

As soon as they removed overworld airship exploration, they started to lose me. X was ok, 12 was ok (still need to play the zodiac version).

FFXV had some issues, but was a definite step in the right direction at least.

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#43 Posted by Seabas989 (13259 posts) -

Best: IX

Worst: Either VIII or XIII

I haven't played XV yet.

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#44 Posted by AJuiceMatts (53 posts) -


Worst: FF8

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#45 Posted by VFighter (5123 posts) -

Best FF7 FF9

Worst FF8

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#46 Posted by Speeny (1881 posts) -

I've only played FFVII & X.

It's a very close tie between the two but I'd say I still prefer X over VII. It could just simply be because it was the first Final Fantasy game I played.

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#47 Posted by blamix (863 posts) -

@baelnergal: what was the mess in 8?

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#48 Posted by BaelNergal (570 posts) -

@blamix said:

@baelnergal: what was the mess in 8?

What wasn't?

The setting was a lot hit-or-miss on tone, the entire plot was a writing failure on multiple levels, the spellcasting system is an embarrassment to the concept... So, essentially, the entire game was the mess.

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#49 Posted by drummerdave9099 (4139 posts) -

I've played 6, 7, 10, and Type-0HD

Type 0 sucked so bad.

10 was my favorite of the bunch.

And I didn't think 7 was that good :/

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#50 Posted by MarkoftheSivak (381 posts) -

I have to pick more than one for each category.

Best ones: V, VI and XII.

Worst ones: VIII, X (yep) and XIII.

V and XII had the best systems for me, i love the customization you can do with it, all around though VI is probably the best.

VIII was just a mess, X has to be the most overrated game ive ever played, and not just overrated but a bad game in general, next to no exploration and the worst voice acting this side of OG Resident Evil.

XIII is so bad I don't even feel the need to justify it. But i will, it somehow manages to have as little exploration as X and then has the worst "battle system" ever made. With enough grinding i bet you could beat all battles in the game never pressing a button or direction other than the "x" button.