Assassin's Creed Comet: Set in America, More Pirates!

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#51 Posted by DocSanchez (4457 posts) -

@PurpleMan5000: Hilarious.

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#52 Posted by AznbkdX (4257 posts) -

The last gen version is called Comet? Interesting name...

As for the two games in one year thing... it is kind of ridiculous. As long as you guys keep buying them though I guess the strategy of cranking them out works.

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#53 Posted by Capitan_Kid (6700 posts) -

Why is everyone whining when AC continues to be a good series?

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#54 Posted by KittenNose (2134 posts) -

My guess is one will be very boat focused, ditching most of the Assassin's Creed aspects, and the other will ditch the boat and become pure Assassin's Creed.

As someone who hated the Assassin's Creed parts of Blackflag, I am looking forward to that sort of milkage. I hope the next gen console version flops and next year we get Sailor's Creed: WTF is Land? edition.

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#55 Posted by Opus_Rea-333 (1238 posts) -

I Like where the series is going.

God bless Ubi-soft

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#56 Posted by Wild_man_22 (905 posts) -

I wonder if Ubisoft now has this pirate branded version, that was originally a new IP. Maybe they just don't want to take the AC brand off it now. I enjoyed black flag, and I think I even enjoyed AC3 more(flame shield). Will see how they turn out I suppose.

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#57 Edited by AznbkdX (4257 posts) -

@Capitan_Kid said:

Why is everyone whining when AC continues to be a good series?

Still good for most people but I can see the fatigue setting in. You could hold off on getting them though so its not really a big deal, but it does feel like a bit much.

Honestly I'm not a big fan so I don't really care.

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#58 Posted by zeeshanhaider (5524 posts) -

Can we have the Heil's Awwwwwwww yeah for the milk?

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#59 Posted by stationplay_4 (444 posts) -

if they are going to do more pirate games they should at least rename the series pirate's creed.

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#60 Posted by TheEroica (17343 posts) -

If there is any game that could actually pull this off for my it's creed, but even this seems too much. It reeks of guitar hero.

Whether the games are competent or not, I doubt there is a market for two independent creed games every year. Guess we'll see

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#61 Posted by megaspiderweb09 (3686 posts) -

Japan Ubi or burst

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#62 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (9404 posts) -

@Capitan_Kid said:

Why is everyone whining when AC continues to be a good series?

Because it doesn't. 3 was a little bit better than Revelations. Other than that, every entry has gotten worse since AC2.

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#63 Edited by Pikminmaniac (11223 posts) -

Dear Assassin's Creed developers, please make stealth more necessary and deep. Also, make the combat more enjoyable. Seriously, it's fun to immerse yourself in historical periods, but the core gameplay of these games really need to be addressed.

In any case, this is a bit much I think.

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#64 Posted by deactivated-57d8401f17c55 (7221 posts) -

Assassin's creed needs to die now.

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#65 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (15186 posts) -

I didn't really like the AC games until Black Flag... mainly because of the naval sections, which were awesome! So if they bring another AC game out with more ships, I'll buy it!

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#66 Posted by DocSanchez (4457 posts) -

Honestly people aren't understanding this. They're keeping their toes in the last gen, because its still active. But this means the next gen version wont be gimped. It wont be another last gen upgrade. It's going to be special.

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#67 Posted by TheTruthIsREAL (809 posts) -

Have a team build an only current gen version and having another team build the last gen versions.... Sounds like a win-win. Why is there complaining?