Are you getting a PS4 just to smite the Xbox One?

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I'm getting neither at launch. Neither console has any exclusive that interests me, so until some interesting exclusives come out I won't be getting either console. 3DS will be the companion to my PC for now.

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#52 Posted by Phazevariance (12226 posts) -

I'd get x1 first, better launch games, ps4 second, in maybe 6 months when more stuff is released, and perhaps the first price drop hits.

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The PS4 exclusive lineup is poor atm. The same can be said of the X1 lineup. However, contrary to MS, Sony has already proven it can deliver on the exclusive front. I wont get a PS4 soon but I know I will down the line. Still have plenty of current gen games to catch upon.

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@musicalmac: The PS4 will already have its own version of virtual googles. It wont be cheap though and I'm pretty sure the Oculus Rift wont be either

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I'm buying a Steam box to smite sony AND microsoft

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PS4 is better

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Xone launch line up looks better but I think the PS4 is the system I'll prefer in the long run.

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To buy a console based on just launch games would be pretty stupid .

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I'm not sure when you started gaming but Sony has never had a strong launch line up and yet they've gotten 1st place in sales two out of three generations. Meanwhile WiiU is failing in sales. The TC seems really surprised that the PS4 has been getting so much positive news and is currently destroying XBone in pre orders. He probably started gaming during the PS3 era.

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PS4 because its cheeper and have better exclusives

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I'm getting a PS4 at launch due to MS, but not to s(p)ite them. I'm doing it to speak with my wallet and to send them a message: no DRM draconian bullshit will be tolerated. And guess worked.

I actually put in just enough for pre-order but find that I'll be able to afford it when it arrives, so I'll make the jump.

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@blackace said:

@asylumni said:

OK, you got me. That's my sole reason for buying the PS4 is to smite the Xbox One. I know that my one single purchase of a rival console will completely destroy the Xbox One, maybe even wipe it from existence.

I think you're lost. Fantasy Land is 10 miles north, 2 miles west and down the large hole in the first big tree you see. lol!!

Right now the only reason to get either system is if you are interested in the launch titles or the few titles that will get released 1-3 weeks after the launch. Otherwise, you might as well just wait 6-12 months before buying one. I'm getting both systems because of the games. No need to smite either company as each of them will end up having to deal with problems within the first 2 years. There are always issues after a launch. Happened with the PS3 and XBox 360 and it will happen with these systems as well. Just wait and see.

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#64 Posted by Malta_1980 (11890 posts) -

I'm getting a PS4 because it already has a couple of exclusives I want and multiplats..

Dont forget Sony always gives great support to its consoles unlike others !!

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I don't like MS/Xbox. I have no interest in Nintendo. PS's are my only interest for gaming. 2 PS4s preordered.

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Getting both to smite the Wii:U.

Now what?

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@BlbecekBobecek said:

Despite being a hardcore cow, I'm not getting PS4 at launch.

There are still way too many awesome PS3 exclusives I didn't get to play. Playing the game with the most amazing graphics ever made (kz:sf) is very tempting though....

Same. Still playing games on my PS3 and will be buying FFX and KH2.5 next year. Plus, not going to lie, the Wii-U has been pretty tempting and I'm thinking of getting that.

But Willy, really now? XB1 has what exactly at launch as an advantage? Ryse and Forza? Both launches are equally crappy so accusing people of buying one system over another just for the sake of "smiting" is stupid.