Are you excited about new consoles?

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Are you looking forward to the next PS and Xbox? Why or why not.

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Not really.

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Absolutely. All that new power is going to have a HUGE effect on what the PSVR is capable of. Being a big VR fan, I can't wait.

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Not really.. I'm pretty happy with the way the graphics are with the current gen so no upgrade is really needed yet for me!

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Yes, I'm ready for next gen.

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After all the graphic downgrades this generation I'm ready for it. I don't know if I would call it excitement though I'm just really interested to see what next gen graphics will look like really hoping it's a bigger jump in graphics from PS3 to PS4. Also I hope next gen VR can finally get rid of the screendoor effect.

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I’ve been gaming at 4k60/30 Hdr since 2017 so a jump for me to 4k60 HDR isn’t as big as say a PS4/pro/xb1 owner jumping into next gen from 920/1080/1440p

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Atm, not really... I'm generally happy with what I have (Switch and XB1 X). At this stage I'd rather a Switch upgrade than Scarlett tbh.

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Meh, I’m buying the next Xbox - but I’m not sure the X1 has hit a brick wall in terms of limitations of where gaming presently is.

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Not yet. But when next gen games get announced , the interest will rise.

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Yeah I’m really looking forward to the next gen consoles myself.

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Nah, kind of feel like it's all more of the same.

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I don't currently have much hype for next gen but I don't know much about PS5 or what games will be on it. I also don't really like where the industry currently is with pushing games like Fortnite.

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I wouldn't exactly say I'm excited, but I am definitely ready for next gen consoles. What I am excited about is next gen games, and next gen consoles is what will bring that to pass.

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Nahhh. I got a Switch, PS4, and a powerhouse pc. I’m good for a while. Maybe after a few years of ps5 being out and enough exclusives and price drops then I’ll be excited to join in but for now I’ve got all I need and more.

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i want a switch pro, if it gets announced

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Heck yeah! Buying a PS5 Day One and I don’t care about the cost.

I am Canadian and I am used to getting screwed with console prices.

PS2: $549

PS3: $659(but I bought the 60GB version. Could have bought the cheaper version).

PS4: $499-$549. Forget what I paid for it. I can’t remember if I bought it before they jacked up the price to $550.

Anyway, The PS5 could launch at $1000 CAD and I would still buy it. PlayStation is the best every gen. Love them to death.

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Until I know the specs, I'm reserved. Wondering if the CPU will at least manage not to have sub 30 FPS games, until they can do that then when will they ever do 60.

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Not particularly excited to buy more mid-ranged, closed-off computers, no....

I'm more excited for PS5 because there is hope it will improve the performance of PS4 games, which have had somewhat of a tragic fate this gen with the PS4 being pretty weak.

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I have a gaming PC, so I'm actually very less excited for next-gen consoles and Nintendo Switch did it's own thing which I was excited for. Switch atm is my most excited next-gen console I'm enjoying if I'm being honest about it.

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I haven't really been excited for a new console since the Dreamcast tbh.

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While I'd be fine continuing with my PS4, I am looking forward to the PS5 which looks to be making a fairly large jump. Day 1 purchase for me.

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I would love to own them both and I doubt these 2 will have more sim racing than kart racers in their library of racing games!

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Basically no, but it always excites me to see the new games developed for them or to imagine which franchise they will bring back to life dor those consoles.

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Not really. I agree with adsparky - it's about the games, and the real excitement with new consoles is whatever game selling points they try to pull out of their hat to woo consumers.

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I’ll buy them, but I’ve never been this meh about new consoles in my life.

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Not really. I don't get excited over consoles. At least, it's rare.

Plus, the only console I've ever been excited for was the Switch I think...

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the only new console im looking forward to is a Switch Pro - the POS hardware in the switch needs a hardware revision, asap.

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I am not excited for the new consoles themselves, but I am looking forward to the lowest common denominator being raised. This will benefit the PC platform as well.

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The new generation not so much yet but slightly interested in seeing the switch mini and the pro and how they compare.

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Not really. Just bought Days of Play PS4 Slim and quite happy with my X1X and Switch so far. I'm good for a few more years. Eventually I'll buy them, but not at launch.

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I was ready for next gen when I got my launch Ps4 and was disappointed by how weak it was. I really hope next gen will make a bigger jump. I don't expect them to compete with my Pc, but at least with current Laptops.

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Yes, of course. Consoles getting SSds and ray tracing is awesome.

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I’m always excited for new generations... I just hope open world games take a back seat next gen.

My biggest problem with this gen is the games, open world, battle royal, hero based shooters I’m not really into any of those genres.

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Wake me in a year and I'll tell you then.

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No sir.

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Not really. It depends on the games really. I don't think they will have any exciting new features other than the games looking better than the previous consoles.

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I'm more excited for the mega drive and turbo Grafix 16 mini consoles than PS5 and Scarlet.