Are you a PC gamer or Console gamer?

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#1 Posted by carljohnsonCJ (465 posts) -

Ex console player,now PC only.



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#2 Posted by JasonOfA36 (1288 posts) -

Both? But I do prefer to play on PC more, consoles more for exclusives.

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#3 Posted by onesiphorus (2899 posts) -

I am both, but mostly play console games as most of the games that interest me are found in consoles. I only play PC games if they are real-time-strategy like Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Dune II: Battle for Arakansis and the older War of Warcraft games. I have not seen any RTS games that interest me in the last several years.

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#4 Posted by xantufrog (11513 posts) -

Both. I just want to have fun. Today I played TW3 on PC, Obra Dinn on PC, and Detroit: Become Human on PS4.

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#5 Posted by br0kenrabbit (16076 posts) -

PC only. To the max.

I mean, consoles are really limited in the number of genres represented. I'd be so bored so fast.

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#6 Posted by Archangel3371 (28138 posts) -

Console gamer. I find it more convenient plus I prefer to get my games on physical formats and that’s still largely supported on consoles.

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#7 Posted by Pedro (34934 posts) -

I am a gamer

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#8 Posted by VagrantSnow (342 posts) -

PC. Used to play consoles when I was younger; up until the PS2 era of games when I discovered the likes of Counter Strike and Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Played those games a ton back then and have been a PC gamer ever since.

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#9 Posted by npiet1 (2312 posts) -

I have them all. PC preferred for single player for graphics, PS4 for VR and mp. Xbox for GP. Switch for exclusives, though my 3yo is claiming it as hers.

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#10 Posted by BassMan (10378 posts) -

I play everything on PC unless it is a console exclusive (no choice).

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#11 Posted by Khazrak134 (163 posts) -


I used to mainly be a PC gamer, but then over time migrated to console. I play on console mostly, but i still love my time on my PC

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#12 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18985 posts) -

Console (and a bit of handheld with Switch I suppose).

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#13 Posted by freedomfreak (51202 posts) -

Console. Sometimes PC. Replaying the first splinter cell on PC. But the port is gross.

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#14 Posted by joebones5000 (2345 posts) -

both. pc, xbox one, switch.

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#15 Edited by DaVillain- (36919 posts) -

PC gamer for the most parts and I use consoles to play their exclusive games only. PC gamer forever, forever PC gamer!

I can never go back to being a console only gamer.

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#16 Posted by Rockman999 (7508 posts) -

Mainly Console with some DotA 2 every now and then.

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#17 Posted by mojito1988 (3637 posts) -

This is my game time breakdown within reason:

PC 60%

Switch 30%

Ps4 9.2%

Xbox .8%

On second thought It might be Ps4 9.8% and Xbox .2% (I only played one game on my x-box one Killer Instinct. Sad really, but it happens)

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#18 Posted by MarkoftheSivak (304 posts) -


Strategy, card games and sims on PC.

Exclusives on PS4.

Multiplats on X1X.

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#19 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31202 posts) -

I like console gaming. I just like the open nature, modding community and freedom of PC gaming more.

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#20 Posted by sealionact (3964 posts) -

Console only, apart from Football Manager. Used to be PC only when great games like bf2, Warcaft and The Settlers were made only with PC in mind, but those days are gone...

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#21 Posted by Ezekiel43 (1607 posts) -

I don't think I'm gonna buy a PlayStation 5. I'm a PC and Nintendo gamer. Sony and MS bore me.

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#22 Posted by Mickeyminime (1445 posts) -


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#23 Posted by Caj1986 (297 posts) -

Pc but both ps4 and xbox are nice. I feel the switch is jus sum niche apple product trying too hard to promote as a console

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#24 Posted by FlawlessPoop (158 posts) -

i like to play video games

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#25 Posted by Vaidream45 (1966 posts) -

I’m both. I usually mainly game on my pc but for some indies or exclusives I’ll usually play them on a Nintendo system. I find pc and nintendo to be the best combo in overall awesome games released on the platforms.

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#26 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31202 posts) -

@freedomfreak said:

Console. Sometimes PC. Replaying the first splinter cell on PC. But the port is gross.

PCgamingwiki might help.

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#27 Posted by Random_Matt (4244 posts) -

PC only now, never really played consoles a lot to be honest, the dreamcast was about it in terms of several games.

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#28 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6802 posts) -


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#29 Posted by freedomfreak (51202 posts) -

@R4gn4r0k: Nah, it runs fine, but it's missing levels and lighting effects. Something the PC version just misses. There might be mods but I'm so close to the end, anyway.

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#30 Posted by SuperfluousReal (361 posts) -

@carljohnsoncj said:

Ex console player,now PC only.




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#31 Posted by thehig1 (7302 posts) -
@br0kenrabbit said:

PC only. To the max.

I mean, consoles are really limited in the number of genres represented. I'd be so bored so fast.

Same for me, been PC for a while now.

Since I discovered full genres of games I like that dont exist on consoles, then the only games I like on console (with the odd exception) are mulitplat anyway I dont see the need in owning any of the consoles.

If I only owned a console (s) I'd be bored so fast I'd end up finding a new hobby.

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#32 Posted by pmanden (667 posts) -

I have been alternating between computers and consoles for 35 years. I spent a lot of time on the Commodore 64 and Amiga instead of consoles. Back then computers were just more fun. But since the Sega Genesis I have been all consoles except from a year or two where I played PC only (around the GTA 3 era). Looking forward, I'll likely stick to consoles for the next many years. PCs are powerful, but they are boring tools in my opinion.

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#33 Posted by PernicioEnigma (6078 posts) -

PC. I'm planning on purchasing a nice TV soon, and I might get a next gen console if I like the look of them, but I'm pretty satisfied with what PC gaming has to offer.

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#34 Posted by Vaeh (498 posts) -

PC and mobile gamer

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#35 Posted by pelvist (7406 posts) -

99.9% PC.

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#36 Posted by MclarenMaster18 (1558 posts) -

Personally I choose consoles.

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#37 Posted by Litchie (24036 posts) -


Maybe 70% PC, 30% Switch right now. There's a lot to play on PC as usual, but I'm really into Dead Cells on Switch again.

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#38 Posted by foxhound_fox (97969 posts) -

I'm more of a mobile gamer now than a console gamer (and that's saying a lot considering the only mobile gaming I have done in the past year was I downloaded Hearthstone about two weeks ago and started playing it on and off).

All the real games I play are on PC.

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#39 Posted by EG101 (2010 posts) -

Console only.

My computer has always been either a low end Lap Top in the past or a MS Surface that I'm currently using. I find No need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a high powered PC or Lap Top.

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#40 Posted by PC_Rocks (2491 posts) -

Strictly PC now. Genesis was my last console.

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#41 Posted by briguyb13 (3085 posts) -

Console and handhelds.

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#42 Posted by lundy86_4 (53374 posts) -


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#43 Posted by BenjaminBanklin (4751 posts) -

PC the most. But I play PS4 for exclusives and certain titles.

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#44 Edited by Shewgenja (21456 posts) -


I am an and.

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#45 Edited by Kali-B1rd (2197 posts) -

Both but 80% pc 19% switch 1% ps4

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#46 Posted by warmblur (2525 posts) -

Both PC and PS4 but PC is my primary source for gaming while PS4 I play for it's exclusives.

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#47 Posted by pyro1245 (5056 posts) -

Mostly a PC gamer, but I will use consoles to play exclusives if I think I will enjoy it.

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#48 Posted by appariti0n (2783 posts) -

PC, but I usually buy a console late in the gen, and scoop up the handful of games I care about for cheap.

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#49 Posted by Horgen (120597 posts) -

Mostly on PC. Got PS4 and recently got platinum in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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#50 Posted by Son-Goku7523 (955 posts) -

Both, I game on PC and PS4.