Are X360 and PS3 platforms old enough to be considered retro?

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What qualifies a platform to be considered retro?

Also, if you had to choose one game from X360 / PS3 era to come out (as is, or as a remake) on the PC, which one would you choose?

My pick would be Ninja Gaiden 2 for X360

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For me anything released a decade ago and no longer in production is considered retro.

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A thread begging for console ports from the laster race, how original lol.

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I think of retro to be any game before 2000.

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I still want Dante's Inferno on PC

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Retro is and always be the 8 and 16 bit eras only. Everything after these is just old.

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No retro is 20 years or older.

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@joebones5000: yeah I agree with that

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OG Xbox and 360 games are just Free, this gen looking, 4K enhanced games played on your Mighty X1X 4K BC GP MonsterBox MasterRace....

If you're lucky enough to have a MonsterBox that is. :P

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@Mystery_Writer: Gen 6 & 7 is not Retro, Gen 4 & 5 are.

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@thehig1 said:

@joebones5000: yeah I agree with that

Same here.

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Its retro when stores don't sell it.

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@joebones5000: Wrong. Retro has more to do with when you were born and what you played as a child/kid/teenager. Retro to me, born 1977, is vastly different then it would be for somebody born say 1995 or 2000.

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For me it would have to be something that is at least two generations prior for something to be considered retro.

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Anything before PS3/360 is considered retro. PS3/360 are NOT retro.

If you disagree with this, then you are having some sort of midlife crisis and can’t comprehend that you are old now. I know “PS2/Xbox feels like yesterday”, but it’s been 13/14 years.

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Anything no longer in production. I consider the dreamcast/GC/PS2 the starting point.

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I don't consider 360/PS3 to be retro.
That would go to NES/Sega/SNES and the kinds.
PS2/GC/PS1/Xbox are also not retro in my opinion

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Once next gen starts I will consider 360/PS3 retro, so right now nah.

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I don't thing of them as retro, but they kinda are.

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Retro is the 16-bit era in the early 1990s, especially the Commodore Amiga, SNES and Sega Genesis. I am inclined to call the early attempts at 3D consoles retro also (Sega Saturn, N64, PlayStation 1)

I have been playing games since 1982.

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So many opinions! It is like defining what is a "gamer" is.

I would define a platform "retro" if it is from the 16-bit era and before it.

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Not quite...I mean I'm just starting to she the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox as retro to be honest.

But in a few years, maybe.

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Ha, I love System Wars. "Only 16 bit is retro and I'll burn your house down if you disagree!" As if a 10 year old playing Fortnite would think Mario 64 or Crash Bandicoot is a "modern" game, lol.

For me, the current gen and last gen are "modern" gaming, and everything else is retro. The PS5's release will make the PS3 retro.

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@pmanden said:

I have been playing games since 1982.

you must be tired

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Retro is 20 years or older, long enough for a new generation to have been brought up playing games. PSWii60 are not old enough to be considered retro but everything older is, and by the time next gen ends, they will be too.

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OG Xbox and PS2 are certainly Classic, I use Retro for 80s style, but in gaming includes early 90s as well, casue we were still 80's like well into 94.

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Pre HD era.

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@Macutchi: No, I am not tired at all after playing for 37 years without a break :) Seriously, I play far less these days than I did in the 80s and 90s, but video games are still a favorite hobby of mine.

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@pmanden said:

@Macutchi: No, I am not tired at all after playing for 37 years without a break :) Seriously, I play far less these days than I did in the 80s and 90s, but video games are still a favorite hobby of mine.

I been gaming since 1993 with SNES/Sega Genesis and gaming is my only hobby I love and still do, but since I join PC gaming back in 2007, PC gaming nowadays makes it so much easier to play, I'm gaming more then ever before. I just don't have the actual time anymore dealing with consoles other then my PS4 & Switch just for exclusive.

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Lol PS2 era isn't even considered retro yet, just wait two more gens.

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@pmanden said:

@Macutchi: No, I am not tired at all after playing for 37 years without a break :) Seriously, I play far less these days than I did in the 80s and 90s, but video games are still a favorite hobby of mine.

i couldn't resist ;) i've been gaming for about as long as you, and i'm not tired either :)

on topic i consider the 8 or 16 bit eras retro but it's all relative

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I guess anything made before Jan 1 2000 could be considered retro.

The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are "Just last Gen" will be retro at some point. But when is the cut off date for a console to be retro? When you can no longer get them for dirt cheap. I suppose

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@Macutchi: Yeah, it is all relative. Some people would probably argue that true retro gaming is even older than us and refer to the Odyssey from 1972. I missed out on that console, and I am glad I did. It was just TOO primitive. I did play occasionally on my aunt's Magnavox Odyssey 2, hence my profile picture. Fun stuff, at least back then.

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Nah. Last gen is never retro. Ps2 and Gamecube era can be considered retro I suppose but definitely not last gen.

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8bit and 16 bit games are retro gaming to me.

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The way gamings going things are moving so fast but thinking as PS3 as a retro system when you look at the last of us is a very dim view me included. I always thought of last gen as retro until this generation.

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Not yet. Once the next gen arrives, I get the feeling.

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Not yet. They're still at the "Legacy Platform" stage; though the Wii and Wii U could be considered retro considering they use the same exact GameCube processor. 🤣

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5-10 years ago = dated

10-20 years ago = classic

20+ years ago = retro

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Hmm. I only think of retro somewhere before the PlayStation One.

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@Ant_17 said:

Its retro when stores don't sell it.

Xbox One is retro then? :P Nah, i get what you said, couldn't waste that opportunity tho...XD

But that logic is kinda flawed, because you can still buy old games digitally on PC's and consoles. From the hardware side of things... umm, if you get a new model of a TV/phone/whatever and your last year model is not sold anymore, is your device being ''retro'' or just simply ''outdated''?

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Not really, imo. Current gen doesn't always make last gen games feel out of date to me. Things are better, but not always. Some games like Ace Combat 7 feels like it could work on older gen consoles outside of graphics. That's kind of what retro means to me, even if it's not accurate.

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Technically the term retro refers to things that attempt to imitate a style of the past.

So by that: Old things are old, and new things that look old are retro.

Also just consider the faact that you can buy Fifa 2019 for the PS3.

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It's considered retro when you talk to a 9 year old and they say, what's that.