Are the Xbox1 and PS4 controllers engineered to break?

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A friend of mine wanted me to give attention to a video he found about the controllers of the Xbox One and PS4 regarding their thumbsticks.

What do you guys think?

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Have not had any problems with the thumb sticks but the left trigger went out on my Day One controller and had to be replaced.

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That video was posted before. I think his thread was locked because his tiny post count. It looks like he created an account at GS to promote his youtube, which happens sometimes. He might have a point, I don't know, I haven't had any problems with my Xbone or PS4 controllers, but they are new machines so that doesn't mean much.

Anyways, that video is way too hard to watch, his rage-insanity prompting robotic voice...It sounds like someone scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard while kittens are being murdered in the backround, thrown in heated pots of flavored boiling water!

He wants to hide his voice, I can understand that. There has GOT TO BE ANOTHER WAY! Tell him to find another way. I already loosened one tooth (a canine if you care) smashing my face in my computer desk. If "your friend" (You?) made this video, you should convince him to re-record the voice. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, at least put in subtitles so I can turn that horrible audio off before I feel induced to regrettably and uncontrollably punch more babies in the face. That's my opinion.

I wanted to know if I was the only one with the problem. Nope. I just went to youtube, the video has more dislikes than likes (although it's not popular at all) and people are mentioning this video's problem in the comments:

  1. "Unwatchable due to the audio.."
  2. "This is unlisten-able...You seriously have to use a lower pitch with that vocoder."
  3. "Even if you try to hide it with a voice changer i can still smell the underage in your voice..."
  4. "Why use a voice changer? You speak your real voice in public every day."
  5. "I suggest adding subtitles or a different voice changer so people aren't quick to turn off the video."
  6. "Why in the **** didn't you just use a normal voice? I'm really interested in watching this but I cannot stand that fucking voice."
  7. "dude if ur 12 and dont want people to hear ur voice altering it is not a good solution"
  8. "I can still tell you have a high voice through the filter, there's no point in using it."
  9. "Holy shit I need a transcript, this is painful to listen to."
  10. "Can you re-upload this without the robotic voice?"

There you go. There were more comments than that, but I ended at 10 comments. There is a huge problem if he is serious about getting views.

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... We used too much metal in the last build so lets just change it all to shitty plastic...It's a no wonder shit doesn't work for long when all the pieces made to be moved/worked are being made out of shit grade plastics that had a horrible life span when actually used.

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1. Your "friend" (your alt?) already posted that here

2. That voice is annoying as fk srsly just use your real voice

3. They don't make them to break but if they make them indestructable they can't make any money on replacements

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that's how all technology is designed these days take a look at smartphones for the worst culprit's

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So have there been a lot of reports of broken thumbsticks? Maybe it will take a few years to really show up as a problem. I take all my electronics apart after they fail and way more often than not its a few cent piece that lands your expensive toy in the trash.

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No problems with my PS4 controller since launch... but I also don't rage and throw my controllers. At least, I haven't for years.

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Why the **** does he sound like an annoying robot?

The only thing faulty is this edgy kid's voice.

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My guess is that they're not engineered to break, but rather this is just what happens when shitty shit is made in China.

Anyhow, I haven't ruined a controller for years, except for one when I was playing that stupid GTA expansion, Lost & Damned, and that stupid arm wrestling mini game had that awful analog thrashing QTE that pretty much ruined my analog, caused it not to center right and slightly drift, never again will I touch that mini-game, or anything like that. Seriously, **** devs that do that shit.

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All the consumer products are designed to break as soon as the warranty ends or else how do you think they can make money.

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everything are design to b break so that you will buy anotherone ..... remember RROD?

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Fck your, robot...fck your...

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Okay QT.

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@getyeryayasout said:

Fck your, robot...fck your...

LOL, robots and tinkering from the video reminds me of this:


[ in metallic voice, for duration of sketch ]

Good afternoon, and welcome to "Robot Repair". My name is XG-7000, and I will be your host today. We will be repairing a grandfather clock. But first I would like to respond to the many letters we have received regarding the name of this show. People are saying that "Robot Repair" indicates that broken robots will be repaired, when in fact, what happens is that a robot, me, shows you how to repair a variety of things. I agree that the name is confusing, and I have asked the producer to change it so that there is no further misunderstanding. And now, let's get to repairing that grandfather clock....

(Link in paragraph and prepare for a laugh in the four minute video...hahaha.)

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@SolidTy: Holy

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I know from experience that the build quality of the X360 controller was rubbish compared to the Dualshock 3. The precision in the thumbsticks gets worse after a very short time. The battery connection is also pretty bad.

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He sounds like he's speaking through his anus

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No problems with my Xbox One or PS4 controllers since launch.

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Not built to break. Built cheaper to increase profit.

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I got a headache 30 seconds in. The controllers don't seem bad at all.

Rage slamming them never helps anything either although I've been there.

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its not only gaming controllers. its every single product you can buy, they are made to brake, form light bulbs to hair dryers. its called "programmed obsolescence" or something like that. there's a pretty awesome documentary about it you can find in youtube.

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Couldn't get past 4 seconds. Thanks for wasting my time.

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Replacing metal with plastic.

Typical cost-cutting exercise.

It may not be intentional, i.e. "planned obsolescence" at all.

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i made it to 18 seconds before i clicked stop

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@WilliamRLBaker said:

that's how all technology is designed these days take a look at smartphones for the worst culprit's

None of my Smartphones seems to be breaking. Maybe you just buy Samsung or something.