Anyone in support of INSTA-LOCKS for "fact" based threads with no source or link?

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Posted by BoxRekt (2004 posts) 1 month, 9 days ago

Poll: Anyone in support of INSTA-LOCKS for "fact" based threads with no source or link? (16 votes)

Yes, if a "fact based" topic is created with no source material it's a INSTA-LOCK no questions asked. 63%
No, I like the free and open ability to willfully confuse others and intentionally spread misinformation. 25%
I enjoy making topics however I want, Don't censor me Sony! 13%

Just seems like a problem on this board that get's exploited that no one has really addressed.

Any fanboy, hater or uninformed individual can post material about a brand/company/game based on how they feel that slanders or that product/entity with little to no repercussion for spreading misinformation.

This is system wars, that being what it is, no one has to agree with any other person about ANYTHING or any game no matter what the topic.

However, NO ONE should be able to post "fact based" arguments that has no credibility or solid reference material as topics here.


Opinion based

Would an 800$ console with great games sell well?

Fact based

Everyone please beg MS not to sell off GEOW franchise to Sony!!

SW decide!

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#1 Posted by AJStyles (1024 posts) -

We should not ban people or lock threads for people who post facts.

Just because you don’t agree with the “facts” does not stop them from being facts.

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#2 Posted by DaVillain- (37580 posts) -

Not System Wars releated and you know it!

Take this to: Bug Reporting & Feedback and maybe GS Staff will listen to your suggestion.

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#3 Posted by MonsieurX (39180 posts) -

lol OP is mad

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#4 Posted by Nike_Air (19335 posts) -

You just want people to not block GeoW on PlayStation . This is a 4d chess move.

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#5 Posted by Heirren (2236 posts) -

Ha ha. Well, i just got replied to claiming im a console fanboy, yet the comment made was very similar to one i had already made in that gow thread.

True fanboy delusions: when you assume any pro/con towards your preference equates to being a fanboy.

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#6 Posted by Stevo_the_gamer (45225 posts) -

Response threads are not allowed in SystemWars.

If you want to discuss this matter, you can take it to the lounge or blog it.