Anyone else want Halo infinite to look like this..........

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Graphics looks real nice...hopefully infinite looks somewhat like this.

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I don’t think Halo fans want the next halo to be a racing game .

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Presuming it is still targeting the Xbone base model it will most likely look similar to Halo 5 with a few improvements.

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I think how it plays might be a bigger issue, what if we don't get a traditional Halo campaign but instead an online dedicated open world game like Destiny instead? Not that they've said anything that might indicate such, just a hunch. I think people would probably boohoo as much but as someone who loves Warzone Firefight I think there's potential in such an idea, make missions big epic battles we'll need 8 Spartans to take on, if they can execute such an idea without sacrificing story and offer content that feels tailored to a narrative and not some repetitive cookie cutter level design then I think it could work.

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I can see Halo using Forza Engine but as for actually playing it, it be weird in a way but then again, I'm all up for innovations so hey, if it's good, I'll give it a try.