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Why do most games developed by a western devs have mediocre gameplay, theyre pretty much just shoot your way from point A to B, why can't they think of adding a little bit more depth in the gameplay, even the old castlevania sotn have deeper gameplay

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Aint nothing wrong with moving from point A to point B. Not that you would care... I have a feeling this is another "good old days" thread.

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Like most industries, marketing/advertisements (monopoly, propoganda, waste) has taken over the continent, and has streamlined many a things into shitscreek.

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Point A to point B is only bad if what happens in between doesn't have any sort of rhythm. That's the problem. It is why games like Doom II and Halo hold up so well. Modern games strip the "game" aspect away in favor of attempting to re enact "real life" events. That doesn't translate well, or hasn't been done properly yet, imo.