any chance that preorders for ps4 and xbo arrive early?

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I am hoping this is the case and I get my xbo maybe a day earlier. I know I got my s4 earlier and was wondering if you guys had prior experience s with preorder with ps3 360 coming early. Be hyped

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My XBONE preorder has said "arriving Nov 18th" since I pre-ordered it off the 360 marketplace. Even when they sent me a few follow up emails the date hasn't changed.

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@timbers_WSU: nice

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amazon is usually pretty accurate about their ship dates so Im assuming no on those.

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@XBOunity said:

@timbers_WSU: nice

Yep. I also got an email yesterday that said I got Killer Instinct free. That was a nice surprise as well.

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There's always a possibility. When I preordered The Force Unleashed II, I got it a few days earlier via Walmart dot com.